The Walking Dead Washington Plan goes down the Drain

The Walking Dead Washington Plan goes down the Drain

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  • Abraham and gang left Rick and the others to find a cure in Washington.
  • The episode “Self Help” featured the two jaw dropping revelations and the dreadful stories of Abraham and Eugene were revealed.

The plot ruins one side of hope for the gang. Cuditz say that the top priority of all the people working on the show is the show and making it the best.

Half the gang was on their way to Washington D.C. Abraham gave Rick an ultimatum and didn’t really help him with the Gareth situation.  Abraham, Eugene, Glenn, Maggie, Rosita and Tara left on the bus but not before Abraham asked Rick to come to. One day perhaps. It might be to prove the over all wisdom of Rick Grimes but the newest episode saw the demise of hop in its purest form. 

Yes, Abraham and gang found out that there is actually no hope. There is no cure to the plague and what about Eugene’s claims. Big bang. Eugene finally cracked and revealed that he is not a scientist. Shockers? You will not be as shocked as Abraham was who nearly hacked him to death. You could feel that emotion and that anger and there is no doubt that Cuditz performed the part so well. 

That is not all. We finally got a glimpse in the sergeant’s life. Where he came from up to now is tragic. We found out that Abraham was all ready to eat a bullet. Reason? He had lost everyone he loved. His family had ran away seeing the predicament of events taking place. The guy was ready to commit suicide. Who saved him then? Eugene. 

He pleaded with the guy. Told him he was a scientist who could find the cure to the plague. The hope of saving everyone kept Abraham going. He has fought valiantly for his right to find a cure and they arrived in Washington. Eugene finally succumbed.

We don’t know if it was out of guilt or fear. He confessed to Abraham that he was not a scientist. The rage of Abraham resonated through the Capitol. Furthermore Eugene sabotaged their bus which nearly killed them all.

It was perhaps the memory of Eugene saving him from death that kept Abraham from killing him. That doesn’t mean that he didn’t beat him to near death. The performances were intense and we could feel an inflating feeling of hopelessness and regret fill our chests. 

Regrettably, Michael Cuditz playing Abraham has received the disappointment of many and the star took to saying that the fans will never be satisfied. He said that their will always remain some faction of the fandom that remains unsatisfied with the show and where it goes.

The Southland and Band of Brothers actor said that his first and foremost responsibility as an actor is to tell the story. He said that it bothers him the least what people think because it is essential for everyone working in the show to work and make it the best. That means staying true to the story.

He said that Walking Dead is one of the world’s most watched shows and it is not only the actors but the all the team who is involved in making this huge star cast work. After that he commented on what Abraham is bound to do. As many feared, he might possibly take his life.

Cuditz said that Abraham has come a long way from the day he held that gun to his face. All that he called his own is lost but their might yet be hope for the character. We have to wait how things pan out for these guys. Will they unite with Rick and gang again or would Abraham run into Beth?

Sources: TheWrap , EW

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