The World and John Oliver Do Not Want the Scottish Independence

The World and John Oliver Do Not Want the Scottish Independence



Scotland votes and the world is watching, mostly hoping that things stay as they are. While waiting for the poll results watch the British Comedian John Oliver plead with Scotland to stay.

The polls in Scotland are soon closing in a couple hours. The voter turnout is as expected unbelievably high. We are talking over 90%. The world is watching and hopes mostly that the Scottish vote “No” and things stay as they are.

There is no better comedian in the US to talk about the Scottish Independence election than John Oliver. In his HBO show on Sunday, John Oliver dedicates his top story to the Scottish Independence election . The segment revealed amazing details about the election that I have not heard before. It involves Unicorns and lottery winners.

Watch the hilarious and very informative segment below.

The current polls show that it will be a very close decision on whether Scotland stays in the UK or not. There are many unknowns in case Scots really vote for independence. 

The official results of the Scotland Vote are expected at around 6:30am UK time (GMT+1). First trends are already expected starting at 3am. As the election appears to be very close I assume we will have to wait until the very end.

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