THX to bring new HDMI tech to CES 2015

THX to bring new HDMI tech to CES 2015


4K Interconnect program to work with 2.0 and beyond

The newest and latest in HDMI technology will get much needed exposure next month during the International Consumer Electronics Show to be held in Las Vegas. THX, Ltd. has announced that they will be exhibiting their new 4K Interconnect certification program that was designed for HDMI cables and that it will be able to work with HDMI 2.0 cables and on in to the future. The new certification program is one that will work along with HDMI testing centers and the certification program will only work with HDMI cables that meet the requirements set forth by HDMI developers.

THX developers say that the need for the 4K certification program came with the new innovation of 4K televisions. The engineers say that regular HDMI cables worked well with high definition televisions during their testing but did not perform very well on 4K televisions. They were able to determine that the longer that a HDMI cable was, the less that it was able to do its tasks. HDMI cables currently have a lifespan of about 10 years. The new THX testing program will allow for HDMI cables to be able to work for longer times and work better anytime that it is used.

The Australian based company Kordz is the first company to produce HDMI cables that have used the new THX 4K Interconnect testing program. Kordz will also be at CES 2015 and they will be displaying two HDMI cables who have been certified through the new certification process and they are the R.3 and the EVS cables. Each one of these cables and others to come in the future will have the THX testing mark located on them.

THX was founded by Star Wars movie director in George Lucas over 30 years ago. THX is well known for working with movie theatres and studios and giving them certification merits.

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