Timeline iOS App is a Game Changer for Newsfeed

Timeline iOS App is a Game Changer for Newsfeed


The all-new Timeline iOS app is pretty much a game changer for newsfeed and how news are delivered to cultural consumers in contextual format.

We are all too familiar with the news and how they lack context. It is all about some celebrity or hot shot getting his or her fifteen minutes of fame and Pow! Kaboom! Poof! It is all over before you even know it.

The attention span of the media is that of a two year old who has not passed beyond the stage of object permanence. Yet now for the first time in history a new application by the name of Timeline is all set to transform how we view or read the news on the Internet. The new style of newsfeed will have context imbedded in the structure of the stories.

Thus if you have a story on President Obama’s not-so-convivial relationship with the press and reporters, then the remaining stories linked with this piece of news will reach way back to the Monica Lewinsky Scandal related to President Clinton and even through history to other heads of state that didn’t have very cordial relationships with the mass media.   

Timeline app makers are going to give Vox a case of the heebie-jeebies. There are approximately ten writers that churn out original material regarding the latest news that go into historical depth.

And while not everybody has the inclination to read each and every detail about what is the current situation, most people do like to satisfy their curiosity about the background of something in a Wikipedia-like manner.

The founder of Wikipedia too encourages such hypertext browsing that goes into the farthest fathomable paraphernalia concerning a single topic. And so it will be in case of Timeline. Since every day creates our history anew, so Timeline will explore the news in the manner of a treasure trove of depth and complexity.

This app for iOS users will not only be about rich content but also about context. As the reader or viewer will deconstruct his way through the textual material and video clips accompanying the newsfeed, he or she will be informed in a most comprehensive and intensive manner.

Such previous deals as Twitter will be a thing of the past. Now, the news will be so damned interesting that it will carry the same aura as chick literature or lad literature. In other words, the sensualization of news has just taken place and it is about time such an act occurred in the history of our planet.

Download the Timeline iOS App Now.

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