Timex Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch Revealed

Timex Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch revealed

Timex enters smartwatch segment with a phone free touchscreen smartwatch that offers besides the fitness tracking also messaging and music.

Timex introduces the Timex Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch. Timex says the Ironman One GPS+ is the answer to the question: “What if you could leave your phone behind and stay truly mobile?” The Timex Ironman One GPS+ lets you run to your tunes and you can message without your phone. Additionally your friends can track you live during your races or workouts.

GPS is nothing new for Timex fitness watches. Timex expands on the GPS based tracking and adds features from smartphones making the Timex Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch an interesting gadget in the growing smartwatch segment. 

The design of the watch is horrible, but the screen looks interesting. It s a Mirasol touchscreen that gets brighter in direct sunlight. The screen is always on. The battery life of the GPS+ is still supposed to be 8 hours with full GPS and cellular-connected mode.

Watch the promo video for the Timex Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch below.

The $399 Timex Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch can be pre-ordered now and is supposed to ship within days on Timex.com.

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