Tinder App Review


Tinder is a great mobile app for those who love making new friends. It’s a fun way to make interesting people your friends. Just log in, swipe right to like or left to pass, and if the person likes you back, “It’s a Match” for you. Making friends is a lot fun now if you are on Tinder.


  • Tinder helps you to find compatible people around you
  • You can like or pass on each suggestions, the choice is yours
  • You can chat with your match inside the app
  • You can share a snap with your matches
  • You can check when your match was last logged in
  • Tinder also allows its users to retain an invisible status if they don’t want others to see their online status.

In Use

It is very easy and simple to create Tinder account. After downloading Tinder from your respective store, it will use your Facebook information to create your Tinder Profile. After creating profile, you will receive suggestions of potential matches, you can swipe right to like or left to pass on someone. If a person likes you back, It’s a Match then you can start chatting with your match. 



  • The app is free and is easy to use.
  • It suggests people who can be compatible with you that are from or near your area.
  • Facebook mutual friends feature is helpful. If you have mutual friends, then it’s the best thing as your friends can give you more details of your match.
  • You can see last logged in information of your matches and you can also go invisible if you don’t want to be seen.


  • Chances of rejection are always there which can be embarrassing.
  • Sometimes it can be dangerous as it is difficult to judge a person on the basis of pictures and hobbies that you both share.
  • If someone is looking for serious relationship then Tinder is not for them as most of the people use it just to spend quality time with a lot of people at the same time.


Tinder is an addictive, easy to use, and a fun app to make new friends that’s why it is the most talked app these days. It’s for those who love to meet new people, so if you want to meet interesting people from your area, then surely Tinder is for you.

Download links: Apple iTunes, Google Play



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