Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are Not Even Talking to Each Other Anymore

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hate Each Other

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  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hate Each Other

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have reached a point where they are communicating with each other through intermediaries and it is affecting little Suri Cruise in the process.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were once so much in love with each other that they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Then they got married, reality hit and the couple divorced. The ex-couple has expressed antagonism towards each other on multiple occasions. Now they are so bitter and angry that they don’t even talk to each other anymore. 

TMZ reported that Tom and Katie hate each other so much that they are not participating in verbal communication at all, face to face or on the phone. They are communicating with each other through intermediaries. 

There are multiple rumors going around regarding the reasons to why they /4/not be talking. One has been Tom’s beliefs. Tom is a follower of the Church of Scientology. He and Katie had admittedly had their differences over their religious beliefs.

As of late, Katie has believed that the Church has declared her a SP. SP stands for Suppressive Person and the followers of the Church are instructed to not engage with a SP. The Church insiders have confirmed that they have passed no such declaration and Katie is not a SP in the Church’s terms. Tom not talking to Katie has nothing to do with the Church. 

Both the actors are working on their separate projects. Currently he is in London shooting for Mission Impossible V. Since Suri is in Katie’s custody, she already gets limited time with Tom and now his commitments are giving Suri lesser time with her father which might be affecting her. Katie sees that and she is mad at Tom for making their daughter suffer. 

Another reason might be Katie’s budding romance with Jaimie Foxx. Katie and Jamie started seeing each other in 2013 and they have been spotted hanging together. They have not announced their exclusivity yet but Katie might be considering a future with Jaimie.

Supposedly Tom is still opinionated about how Katie lives her life and he is avoiding Katie on the principle of avoidance. Jaimie is reportedly providing Suri with love and care that has been absent from her life.

Katie might feel that Tom would put a claim on Suri’s custody if Jaimie and she go exclusive so she wants to clarify things with him. Without biting his head off of course so she is letting the intermediaries do the talking and hoping that they might do what’s best for Suri.


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