Tony Romo Injury: Jerry Jones Expects Cowboys QB To Suit Up Vs. Jaguars

Tony Romo Injury: Jerry Jones Expects Cowboys QB To Suit Up Vs. Jaguars

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  • Jerry Jones expects Tony Romo to play against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Nov. 9.
  • Jones also predicts Romo will play five more years.
  • Romo injured his back during a Week 8 game against the Washington Redskins.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expects quarterback Tony Romo, who injured his back in Week 8 against the Washington Redskins, to suit up in the Week 10 game in London against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Nov. 9. What’s more is he predicts Romo will play another five years in the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones is confident his quarterback, Tony Romo, will play on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Jones also predicts Romo, who injured his back during a Week 8 game against the Washington Redskins, will play another five years in the NFL, per David Helman of the Cowboys’ official website

“Cowboys owner/general manager Tony Romo Jerry Jones just doesn’t think Tony Romo will play on Sunday, he’s apparently got the future mapped out for his franchise quarterback.

“Jones spoke to reporters Thursday at the Cowboys’ temporary practice facility at Allianz Park about a variety of topics. Naturally, with Romo returning to practice for the first time in 10 days, Jones was asked about his quarterback’s chances of playing against Jacksonville. 

“‘I’m anticipating him playing, have no reason to think that he won’t and this will be a nice little practice session for him out there today,’ Jones said. ‘But my expectations are for him to play.’

“That prediction for this weekend is one thing, but Jones also elaborated on Romo’s availability for quite a longer period of time. Asked how Romo made the players around him better, Jones offered a glimpse of his long-term future for his quarterback. 

“‘I think Tony Romo has at least five years,’ Jones said. ‘I’m planning on him having at least five years of playing at a level that would allow us to be possible contenders from that position, and maybe not doing some things that he had earlier as well or maybe with the energy or the efficieny he has, but maybe doing other things better.’

“That’s actually not far off from a prediction Romo made for himself. Speaking exclusively to 105.3 The Fan all the way back in May, the 34-year-old made a bold prediction for his upcoming season and the remainder of his career.

“‘There’s no question in my mind, not only am I going to be able to make it through 16 games, I’ll make it through another five years,’ he said at the time. 

“He followed that up at training camp this past July with another bold proclamation — this one about his development since he took the Cowboys’ starting job in 2006. 

“‘I think over the course of the next four or five years, you’ll see the best version of me that I’ve had throughout my career,’ he said. 

“It’s a bit ironic, then, that this conversation would strike up again on the day Romo returned to practice from a back injury — his third back-related injury since the spring of 2013. Despite that, Jones insisted that it is realistic to have such a long timetable for his career.

“‘I think it is. I’m aware of his back. Only God knows what’s in store for his back,’ Jones said. ‘I’ve seen backs out there that you wouldn’t believe how they look on the MRIs and how they look on X-rays. Those never impacted careers at all and players.’ 

“Jones’ reasoning was that despite the separate injuries, the fact that none of them are related doesn’t give cause for chronic concern.

“As for Romo, who is fighting to get healthy enough to play this weekend, all he could do was laugh.”

Romo told David Moore of The Dallas Morning News on Nov. 6 that his sore back “loosened up a bit” during practice for the Jaguars game:

“Tony Romo went through his first practice in 10 days Thursday on a chilly rugby pitch.

“How does his back feel?

“‘It’s sore,’ said Romo, who is dealing with a pair of transverse process fractures. ‘It loosened up a little bit as we moved through it I think. Then, it just gets sore. 

“‘The normal stuff.’

“Romo said he didn’t need to take any sort of pain relief to practice Thursday. He was cautious to begin practice, but pushed it more as the session unfolded. He said his workload was comparable to what he’s done on every other Thursday this season.

“Former Tampa Bay (Buccaneers) and Cowboys quarterback Brad Johnson had a similar injury during his career. The two have spoken. 

“‘I think you find that everyone who’s had it knows it’s uncomfortable,’ Romo said. ‘You just try and get better and you go play.’

“Romo stopped short of saying he will play Sunday, as owner Jerry Jones did earlier in the day. And what about Jones’ assertion that the quarterback will play another five years?

“‘Right around there,’ Romo said. 

“Jones also said Romo has mentioned becoming an offensive coordinator when his playing career is over. It is nice to know the Cowboys owner has mapped out his future? 

“‘I’m glad,’ Romo said. ‘I need some fatherly advice.'” 

The 34-year-old Romo has thrown for 31,563 yards, 223 touchdowns and 107 interceptions on a 96.2 passer rating in 138 career regular-season games, per ESPN stats

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