Top 10 Raspberry PI Projects


A Raspberry Pi allows you to get exceedingly creative in ways that you might have never realized. As a matter of fact, the projects outlined in this feature are only a miniature of what you can actually achieve with your Raspberry Pi.

You can easily automate your home and come up with new designs for your devices.

Cell Phone Raspberry 

One of the coolest projects is creating a cell phone. You can make regular calls as easily as on any phone. Interestingly, no circuits will be required since the phone is made entirely from shelf components. A demonstration can be found at /2014/04/72805/raspberry-pi-modded-cellphone.

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Computer 

If you want to step up a notch high and feel like a comp-genius, you can create your very own Raspberry powered computer! This is a challenging project that you can use to test your skills. This project is for seasoned hackers and makers.


We all love robots; they are quite cool and can do lots of incredible stuff for us. With a proper guide, you can easily build a robot that will be impressive and fun to have around. Only thing that you have to ensure is that it is human friendly and would spell the doomsday when machines finally rise upon the humans!

Weather station

It would be quite cool if you could know the atmospheric changes occurring around you right from your hands. With a Raspberry weather station, you will be able to tell temperatures humidity, rainfall wind speed among other things. 

Digital picture frame

Thanks to Raspberry, you do not have to throw away your hard-earned cash on pricey picture frames. It is easy to create a picture frame, not just for photos but also for movies and music.

Gaming Device

There are many open source and free games that you can emulate and create a thrilling gaming console with Raspberry Pi. You, however, should be cautious not to emulate some licensed game since that could easy land you in big trouble with their producers.

Raspberry tablet

Tablets come at exorbitant prices, but you still can be a proud owner of a tablet by building a Raspberry Pi touch screen tablet that you will customize to your precise specifications.

Setting up a personalized web Server

Being a headless computer that can easily be managed remotely, Raspberry Pi will easily be transformed into a compact web server. 

Hacking tool

Forget all the ethics drama surrounding hacking and get into system penetration with your very own created hacking tool with Raspberry Pi.

Imagine getting pictures from space; how cool would that be? With the aid of specialized heat sinks and a GPS transmitter, you can send your Raspberry Pi into the sky for exploration.

You do not have to cough up a large sum out of your wallet to buy a digital camera. With raspberry Pi, you can simply build your own camera!

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