Best 6 Android Phones With Physical Keypad

Best 6 Android Phones with Physical Keypad

Physical keyboard phones /4/not be mainstream anymore and it’s difficult sometimes to beat the feel of real keys at your fingertips. In the past years, touch screen smart phones show tremendous growth in the market.

Although there are few awesome physical QWERTY Android handsets released often, we still ended up in this collection of handsets with physical QWERTY keyboards. These phones are admired by the end-users and consider them very handy for personal or business use.

  • HTC Desire Z – is the one of the best smart phone in the market powered by Android. Its Desire Z has a QWERTY Slider with four rows of keys. This is one amazing model that has a 5MP camera and a MicroSD slot for added memory. It comes with 480*800-pixel touchscreen and 3.7” display.
  • HTC Cha-Cha – is another brilliant Android phone from HTC. It is a Touch and Type phone that makes texting easier. It features a QWERTY keypad conveniently used in typing and takes up more than half of the handset.
  • Motorola Droid 2 – is another advance mobile phone in the market with a physical QWERTY keypad with larger keys and enhanced tactility. Motorola Android phones have always been present. It also comes with 1.2 GHz processor. It posses all the features of a good phone in its range.
  • Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 – is another Android phone from Galaxy series that comes with a physical slider QWERTY keypad and runs with V2.2 with CPU of 66Mhz processor. It is pre-loaded with Android 2.2 and has features like WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS.  It has the screen size of 3.2” capacitive touchscreen though the resolution is a bit unconventional.
  • Sony Xperia Mini Pro – is the best mid range Android phone by far that offers full touch screen with slider QWERTY keyboard. It has high visual appeal as its feather touch screen that adds up to its look. In spite of its full size QWERTY keypad slider, the phone is not bulky. When you slide the keypad, the orientation automatically changes to landscape.
  • Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 – is also considered to be one of the best Android phones with physical QWERTY keypad and also offers a QWERTY keypad on its touch screen. Available at reasonable prices, it is power packed with necessary features high-end phones possess.  It comes with a decent CPU that gets you to do your daily task with ease. 

Most of Android smart phones that are launched today are touch screens. Although people got used in such devices, still, the good old keyboard is sorely missed. Others might get annoyed using virtual keypad and prefer the physical keypad instead. Phones with physical QWERTY keyboards are preferred by those who texts and emails a lot.  

Even if Android phones feature rich smart phones that have excellent browsers and multimedia capabilities, there are still a lot of users that like the ability and comfort a physical QWERTY keypad can offer. Fortunately, there are still good phones that have all of these qualities. 

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