Top 10 Tablets for Black Friday 2014

Top 10 Tablets for Black Friday 2014


Tablet Sales are declining, which is great news for consumers as prices are in free fall.eve

Black Friday tablet deals have never been better than this year. The tablet market is getting saturated forcing manufacturer and retailer to cut prices to move inventory. The cheap bargain tablets are getting better and cheaper. The cheapest tablet you can buy Black Friday 2014 is selling for $29. Even the newest iPad is offered with a new record breaking deal. Target will offer the iPad Air 2 with a $140 gift card.

Find below the best tablet deals you can find in Black Friday 2014 sales on Thanksgiving Day.

Top 10 Black Friday Tablets

$29 RCA 7-inch RCA 8GB Tablet – Walmart

$89.99 Fun Tab2 Kids Tablet – Sears

$99 8-inch Nextbook Windows Tablet – Walmart

$139 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7 – Amazon

$199 Apple iPad Mini 16GB with a $30 Walmart Gift Card – Walmart

$229.99 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 – Amazon

$249 iPad mini with free $80 Gift Card – Target

$397 iPad Air 16GB + $100 Gift Card – Walmart

$399 iPad Air 2 – Best Buy

$499 iPad Air 2 with free $140 gift card – Target

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