Toy Trucks Are Great Gifts For Small Wonders On Christmas

Toy Trucks are Great Gifts for Small Wonders on Christmas


Some of the neat and cool toy trucks are great gifts for small wonders on the occasion of Christmas. Especially boys will find them fascinating to play with.

A boy loves to play with a toy truck. Whether it is the dump truck variety or a model trailer, he gets firsthand experience of what he will be facing in the real world when he grows up. Since as a man the selfsame boy will be enjoying the feeling of being behind the steering wheel of a car or other vehicle, this solitary play time with a truck or two is preparation for the adult status he will enter one fine day.

Now, toy trucks are colorful and come in all shapes and sizes. They are the most macho of toys aside from toy guns and archery sets that you can easily find on the marketplace. When your kid goes into a toy store he will automatically gravitate towards the toy trucks that are perched on their respective shelves and look solid and good to play with at home. So why not buy the little whining brat one so that he will remain busy and learn some much-needed hand-eye coordination skills while he is at it. 

Toy trucks are to rough and tough boys what dolls and dolls’ houses are to pretty in pink girls. These toys allow small pipsqueaks to manipulate and handle them and thus sublimate their aggressive instincts in a healthy and constructive manner. Instead of sending your boys (who will obviously be boys in the proverbial manner) out to play in the danger and insecure conditions of the streets, isn’t it a better idea to furnish them with the technical know-how they need within the context of the warm hearth of their homes.

For parents, especially dads who want to bond with their sons, the most wanted truck that Junior will most likely take a liking to is available on Amazon and it has sold out like hotcakes. Termed the Red Max Tow Truck, it is a plastic vehicle that has a chain behind it with which you could pull anything from a small object to a fairly medium-sized structure.

We bet your kid will love every inch of this super toy truck and play with it all day and all night. In fact, you will have to persuade him to leave it alone time after time, it is such a wondrous plaything. Shaped and designed like a demolition derby number, it has the personality (if toys could have one…) of a devil with the saving grace in the form of a halo of an angel. Your kid will be in seventh heaven (metaphorically speaking) once he gets his hands on this baby. So do not hesitate…otherwise it will be too late!

Buy one for Junior and be the dad he always wanted in his dreams. He will be the competent and totally able-bodied adult one fine day provided you buy him such educational and entertaining toys. Only 13 pieces of this Red Max Tow Truck are now left on Amazon. And the price is $123.99. This price is double of the list $59.99.

ToysRUs has the Max Tow Truck on sale for $49.99, but it is sold out.

On Amazon you will find Monster Pullback Trucks which are highly colorful and brightly painted. They come in packs of a dozen. These kids’ trucks have huge wheels like the ones in the demolition derby.

Little ones whose age is from four to six will most probably enjoy mock-playing with these trucks. They are not so small that they will have their individual pieces getting stuck in the throats of the young ones. These toy trucks are now available at 6% off. You can buy these now for $13.99.

For a two year old who is too young to deal with sharp edges there is the Green Toys Dump Truck which has smooth contours and is a streamlined model. It is soft plastic all over and thus perfect for the toddler who will not hurt himself employing it in his play needs.

The color is red and yellow and grey and it will appeal to the diminutive dude’s dominance requirements. And this toy truck is now available at 34% dicsount. Save amost ten bucks and just pay $18.49 to buy this one from Amazon.

For kids who have reached their prepubescent stages there is a slightly more mature and interesting toy and that is the WolVol Electric Fire Truck. This piece of sophisticated equipment has blinking lights, noise capabilities and a siren to boot.

It will entertain youngsters to no end. And you can save $20 on this truck as Amazon is now offering 40% disocunt on this one. Buy now for just $29.94.

Finally, for those kids who are about to start going to school there is an excellent toy that will prepare them for the ordeal. This is a Toysmith Monster Bus. And its cost is just $9.99.

It is a yellow and black model similar to the ones you find streaking the passage between homes and school. And it too has huge wheels like the first toy discussed a paragraph back.

Amazon has many more toy trucks holiday gift offers for you. Purchase and gift wrap for your or someone else’s kid. The small boy will thank you for it when he is a grownup many years later.   


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