Tracking Gets Easier With The Smallest StoneTether Device

Tracking Gets Easier with the Smallest StoneTether Device

StoneTether is the smallest tracking device you can get with quite a long range.

If you are a person who forgets things such keys, wallets or even you child than StoneTether is here to solve all of these problems. Many people forget their things and then waste a lot of time in finding them, well StoneTether will save your time for you. This tracking device has been created to save your time finding things and provide you peace of mind. After years of perfection and testing this product is finally out to make your life easier. 

How is this possible? Well you must be thinking this and do not think any further as StoneTether has been equipped with an antenna combined with a propietary software that helps it to reach this huge range, plus the antenna is built in the device so no need to worry about the antenna hanging out. 

Do not take StoneTether to be an ordinary wireless tracking device, it has been perfectly designed to make its use very easy and it is extremely small and thin. Moreover this device is much better than the others as it provides a range of 500 feet. Now that is something! This device is the first compact Bluetooth tracer that reaches such a huge distance.

The StoneTether also comes in 4 exciting colors blue, pink, black and grey. The device is nearly as small as a coin, at about 30mm. now this makes it pretty easy to carry and the colors can blend in with nearly anything. You can attach the device to your handbag, wallet or anything you like. Also unlike the other trackers StoneTether is not disposable and the battery life is approximately 1 year.

StoneTether will be connected to your smartphone whether it is an Android or an iOS and you will find your lost items using your smartphone by proximity. Another amazing and exciting feature of the StoneTether is that you can make it audible.

Now this is really a blessing as you can even locate and find the things which you cannot see or are out of view. For example if your keys are under the sofa the audible feature makes it easy for you to find. The device has also been made water-resistant up to 30 feet. 

Production of the device starts this January and the software for Android and iOS will be released in March. The first batch of StoneTether will be shipped on 3rd April 2015.  Moreover they have also started a Kickstarter campaign with different awards. People can make a pledge ranging from $5 to $145 and will be rewarded according to the contribution they make.

The $145 pledge will provide you with 10 devices with free delivery. Up till now they have pledged $268,833 with 5,268 backers. It seems people have really taken a liking for this new technology. Let’s see whether this device makes an impact in the market or remains a fail. Well to me it looks like an amazing device!


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