True Detective Season 2 New Trailer Released

True Detective Season 2 New Trailer Released

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The trailer for season 2 of True Detective has been released by HBO.

True Detective the critically acclaimed crime drama is back for season 2 but with an entirely new setting, story-line and members of the cast. The new cast includes A-list stars such as Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch and the newcomer Kelly Reilly.

The season 2 story follows a coke addicted cop Ray Velcoro played by Colin Farrell who has been suffering emotionally and professionally for years. While Velcoro is trying to fight for the custody of his son he is also on the payroll of the main antagonist Frank Semyon played by Vince Vaughn a career criminal.

Vince Vaughn as Frank Semyon in True Detective.Posted by True Detective on Thursday, /4/14, 2015

Rachel McAdams is playing a detective called Ani Bezzerides who has a strong and uncompromising sense of ethics which always lands her in trouble with the system and even some of her colleagues. Kitsch on the other hand is playing an officer who cruises around on a motorcycle but is running from a troubled past. 

Rachel McAdams as Ani Bezzerides in True Detective.Posted by True Detective on Thursday, /4/14, 2015

The trailer starts with a despondent Farrell sitting on a table with his head down while flashes of Vaughn about his work are also seen. A voice-over narration by Vaughn states sometimes a person’s worst self is their best self. While Farrell also delivers strong line claiming it is his strong suspicion everyone gets the world they deserve.   

McAdams is also shown in the trailer working on her knife skills and appearing troubled while the narration in her voice states a girl has gone missing but no one cares. The entire feel of the trailer is raw and ominous and all the stars can be seen running around either chasing or being chased.

As the trailer proceed the music starts building the intensity and you are glued to the screen to see what happens alas it’s just a trailer but it’s safe to say the next season will be epic. 

Watch below the new trailer of HBO’s True Detective season 2.

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