Pitch Perfect 2 Makeup Artist Reveals Surprising Tricks

Pitch Perfect 2 Makeup Artist Reveals Surprising Makeup Tricks

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Makeup tips from our favorite the Barden Bellas!

The fictional acapella group Barden Bellas in Pitch Perfect 2 is undeniably aca-awesome but the weather they have to work in is not so much. The Barden Bellas have to stand under the Louisiana sun all day long as they sing and dance for the shoot, so how do they maintain they’re perfect faces.

Pitch Perfect 2 is coming out today and we will see all the lashes, blushes, and bases all in place so how did the Barden Bellas maintain their make up all day long while shooting? 

Melanie Hughes-Weaver, the lead make-up artists of the Barden Bellas, has opened up about some of the make-up tips to E! News that anyone can use to get the same look the Barden Bellas carry off. 

Firstly in the hot and humid Louisiana weather Melanie and her team used a special type of blotting paper for the sheen of sweat on the makeup. Melanie came up with auto-body-shop towels that are sort of blue reusable cloths and cut them up into the size of blotting papers, which worked like a charm.

Secondly the condition of melting make up is inevitable in Louisiana but the trick is to be prepared beforehand. Melanie always kept a brush on hand and as soon as the make-up started melting she would stop it from going too far under the eyes and over the lips. Using some skin oil and powder is also preferable. 

Thirdly long-wear pencils are very essential which can last for a duration of a complete day and night without reapplication but the trick is to apply it the right way first time. Fourthly a healthy skin is the number one priority therefore washing the faces of all the Barden Bellas was a necessity every night. Light skin masks and scrubs were also applied to keep the skin soothing. 

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