Turn Your Photos Into Videos With Nutshell

Turn Your Photos Into Videos With Nutshell

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The online presentation maker Prezi has launched an app on the Apple store that will enable users to turn their photos into videos.

So Prezi now wants to get into the android app business. Their previous venture was a very successful one as now a days everyone wants to make their presentations on Prezi. Their presentation making tool makes people stand out from the rest of the crowd and that is why it is loved by all.

Now the same company has come up with an app called the Nutshell. Here is how you will be able to run the app. This app will allow you to take three photos in succession. They you will be able to add some text or graphics to your photos and you will be able to turn all of that into a short movie.

It is kind of a way to inject motion into the photos that you take. Prezi got the idea for the Nutshell app when they realized that their online presentation tool is being used to make events like birthdays, marriage proposals and for road trips.

So people were taking advantage of Prezi because it lets you combine photos and videos. You can even add some text to the photos and you can tell a wonderful story using the tool. It is from their online presentation tool that they got the idea to make the Nutshell app. S

o now the Nutshell app lets you do the same things. The resulting movie is called a Nutshell and the company say that you can send your nutshells through text or email and you can even share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Facebook’s Instagram and Twitter’s Vine, let you do the same things but slightly differently. This app requires that you should be running iOS8 or later and it is optimized for iPhone 5. The size of the app is 132MB and it came out on 10th February 2015.

Nutshell app is free to download from the Apple Store.

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