Twitter acquires ZipDial, India’s Missed Calls Marketing Platform

Twitter acquires ZipDial, India's Missed Calls Marketing Platform
  • Twitter and ZipDial: Changing the Way Information can be Acquired

ZipDial has been acquired by Twitter for an undisclosed amount. ZipDial is a company that is based in Bangalore, India. The company began in 2010 and was founded on the concept that different consumers and brands require different needs, the goal of ZipDial is to build for these different needs, whatever they /4/be. Through this acquisition Twitter hopes to make it even more accessible than ever before. 

Over the next few years Twitter’s goal is to reach people in developing countries who were unable to experience being online before due to the cost of data plans. With the joining of Twitter and ZipDial, many people in numerous developing countries will have the chance to experience the power of the internet right on their mobile device. This enables people around the globe to access to greater content.

Currently, research shows that the average consumer in India uses about 60 MB per month in comparison to the 1.3GB consumed each month by American consumers, a difference of 95.5%.  Twitter hopes to change that. 

How will this work in developing countries where the cost of data plans prevents many from experience the internet? Its simple ZipDial has built a platform for mobiles that enables them to receive content through various methods, SMS, voice, mobile web and mobile apps that will be a bridge for online and offline usage. 

ZipDial also offers the “missed call”, a common method employed in developing countries. ZipDial has taken, the missed call concept further. On the platform when a consumer places a ‘missed call’ to a toll free number that is designated for a publisher or brand.

Once the call is placed the caller will then receive inbound content. The caller can further the interactions on their phone through various methods, such as voice, SMS or any app notification, the possibilities are endless.  The missed call method is ideal for areas in countries that do not have strong internet connections or for people who are not connected to data. 

This is not a first for Twitter and ZipDial, they have worked in the past on a variety of campaigns to bring content to people who did not use data as much. They have worked on such campaigns as the @MTVIndia’s #RockTheVote “Dial the Hashtag”, the Indian elections and the ever popular Bollywood film productions.  

This is just the tip of the iceberg, with the ZipDial platform the goal to make more accessible, such as cricket scores, Tweets from leading Bollywood stars, politicians and athletes.

These are but a few of the things that the platform will provide access to. The platform will enable millions and billions of people to reach others on Twitter through voice and text messages. 

With Twitter acquiring ZipDial which has thrived on its missed call platform, they will change how the world can access great content form the internet. No longer do people who do not have data access of bad internet connections feel left out. They can see it and read about it all on their mobile devices. 

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