Twitter gets more social by adding photo tagging

Twitter gets more social by adding photo tagging

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Twitter: “We’re rolling out two new mobile features that make photos on Twitter more social.”

In what appears to be a move to boost its reach in the vast social universe, Twitter announced today that it will allow users to tag people on photos. The popular social and micro-blogging company also introduced the capability to share multiple photos in a single tweet.

Announcing the two new features on its official blog, Twitter’s César Puerta writes that the main goal here is to make Twitter more social. With the new update, users can now tag up to ten people in a photo. Puerta says that the feature will not affect the character count limit of 140 characters.

“You can tag up to 10 people in a photo and still have all 140 characters at your disposal, making it easier to connect with your friends,” he said.

If someone tags you, you’ll receive a notification. However, if you don’t want to be tagged, you can adjust your settings by disabling the photo tagging feature under the “Privacy” section. Users /4/also remove their names in photos by selecting the “Remove tag from the photo” option via the ellipsis button.

If you’re wondering what is the difference between tags and mentions, Twitter explains that tags are used on photos while mentions are used on tweets.

Additionally, the update will now let you share up to four photos in a single tweet. Simply upload the photos and tap on the preview button to view your photos in a collage format. Puerta adds that the features will be rolling out to the iPhone starting today. It’s coming soon to Android and Twitter on the web.

“Both photo-tagging and tweets with multiple photos will display in ‘Embedded Tweets,'” he added. 

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