Twitter Launches New App Graph to Track Third-Party iOS Apps

Twitter Launches New App Graph to Track Third-Party iOS Apps

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Twitter will starts its collection of user data on which third party apps the users have downloaded on their iOS.

The social networking websites are all starting to collect our data one by one. Facebook, Google and now Twitter has started to collect user data. We don’t think of it as much but in fact the social networking websites shouldn’t be collecting private data to make more money.

Facebook recently launched an ads campaign in which they told the advertisers that they would have to buy new ads in order to reach a wider audience. Now twitter has started collecting data on what apps the user has downloaded on their phones. This is literally peeking into our phones and this shouldn’t be allowed.

But then again, what can we do as most people would want to use Twitter services and when they do so, they will be observed under a microscope. Facebook did the exact same thing with their Messenger app as they are collecting our data with the help of that app.

So now Twitter will automatically start collecting data on apps and they won’t be asking for any permissions. Twitter recently explained why they were doing all of this. They said that they wanted to learn more about their users so that they can make more money in selling ads. So Twitter is trying to find the target audience for different types of ads.

If a person is interested in one type of thing, they will get ads regarding that thing. So by this strategy, the Twitter users will look at the ads on Twitter and they simply won’t swipe down. This is going to help the advertising companies reach a wider audience and this is where Twitter is going to charge them huge sums of money.

When you tweet, Twitter is gathering info about you and they see what the user has tweeted about. For example if you are tweeting about a celebrity, you will see ads regarding TV shows and Award shows. So this is why Twitter is trying to find the right persons for the right ads.

A person that isn’t interested in sports, won’t get an ad that is advertising some sporting event. Twitter has been using different sorts of algorithms in their system. Some time ago, they used an algorithm that showed tweets from users people didn’t follow. They did that to find out if both people had things in common.

If they found out that they had many things in common, then both of them would start to follow each other on the social networking site. This new strategy could help Twitter in growing its user base.

They were trying to compete with Facebook but they couldn’t because Facebook recently released that it had around 1 billion accounts on Facebook. That is a lot and the main reason for that is because they also recently bought WhatsApp.

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