Tyga handcuffed by Law Enforcement Officers in South Central

Tyga handcuffed by Law Enforcement Officers in South Central

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The rap star, Tyga, was handcuffed recently by law enforcement officers in South Central.

He was taking part in a musical video shoot when he was taken into police custody. Tyga, the rapper, was inside a Rolls-Royce and having a video clip shot by TMZ when police handcuffed him in South Central, Los Angeles. The bad boy was driving the luxury car while there were other guys in it along with him.

“They were shooting a rap video in the area of 76th and Kansas,” Officer Kim told Us Weekly. “LAPD air unit observed a vehicle drive away from that location and observed the vehicle driving recklessly. Los Angeles Police School Police officers conducted a traffic stop at Hoover and Florence where the driver was cited and released, for a traffic violation and the body guard was detained for further investigation for an unknown charge.”

The LAPD accosted him and he was put up against a fence. There were cops all over the place and six squad cars were parked around the scene. It was a case of rash driving. That much is for sure. Tyga was handcuffed in the beginning but it is said that later on he was let go of.

“Tyga was the driver,” Kim confirms to Us. “I was told he was cited and released at the scene. I don’t know if he was detained, he /4/have been. Officers have the discretion to detain any occupants in a traffic stop. I do know for sure he was cited and released at the scene. The LAPD School Police are the one’s who cited and released the driver, I don’t know where there’s a school nearby or if they were just driving between schools but they are sworn Police Officers.”

His bodyguard however was held by the police since he had a gun in his possession. That was illegal since he had no licence for it. The video clip was for a song titled “Make it Work” that the rapper par excellence was working on (no pun intended). The LAPD have the right to detain anyone suspected of any illegal activity.

While Tyga was probably driving his vehicle too fast, his bodyguard had committed the unforgivable offense of owning a lethal weapon that was unregistered. At least the gun he had on him was not licensed in the state of California. And while Tyga /4/have been released due to his high profile status, his bodyguard is still in police custody.   

Officer Kim said: “I don’t know if [Tyga’s bodyguard] had been arrested, I don’t know if they’ll release him but I know he is being detained upon further investigation. I just don’t know what the exact charge will be or what they are investigating but he is being detained [for a separate matter].”

Meanwhile, it appears to be the case that Kim Kardashian does not look at Tyga and Kylie’s bonding as a good thing. It’s not that she thinks that thy have a physical thing going on between them or that her sister is much younger than Tyga. It’s just that one of her friends is Blac Chyna who is Tyga’s baby mama.

According to TMZ, Kim feels that both Tyga and Kylie were disrespectful towards her by choosing each other. The fact that you do not date a person who is the ex of someone already a close friend of the family you belong to speaks volumes about Kim’s standards.

She definitely feels very strongly about all this and wants Kylie to know that she has made a bad choice. This was very clear in a photograph that was taken recently of all the group at French Montana’s birthday bash. Kim deliberately dissed Tyga by pushing him out of the picture frame.  

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