Uber starts Puppy Bowl on Demand Service

Uber starts Puppy Bowl on Demand Service


  • Uber Puppy Bowl Delivery Service marks Fulfillment of Animal Lovers’ Requirements Across the Country.

Uber partners with Animal Planet to deliver adoptable puppies to animal lovers for Puppy Bowl XI. Puppy Bowl on Demand delivery service by Uber marks the fulfillment of animal lovers’ requirements across 10 cities.

A dog is man’s best friend. The creature /4/be denigrated by all the pompous old windbags among our species but the fact remains that your canine will be by your side and even try to save you from any danger to your life no matter what.

And so the Puppy Bowl is at hand and all you animal lovers better get ready to show some affection to many cute and cuddlesome pups. The Puppy Bowl XI marks a joining of hands between Uber and Animal Planet to ship adorable puppies to animal enthusiasts across many cities of the USA.

Among these /4/be included Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas and Baltimore. And with the Uber Puppy Bowl XI you will get to go “ain’t that cute” at the warm fuzzy wuzzy feel of a puppy’s satin coat.

Team Ruff and Team Fluff will serve as sufficient competitive entities on the eve of this event. All that you really have to do is click on your Uber application and feed it several instructions before the puppy dogs arrive at your home address (or office premises!)…  

At a rate of $30 for approximately 15 minutes, during which you will get to pet the little puppy, the deal is not bad. Petting animals can lower blood pressure and is also a very good antidote to loneliness and isolation.

And while your boss /4/object we feel sure that with a sincere bit of cajoling you can convince the head honcho to allow you some free pet play time during the lunch break.

The proceeds from the pet provisions will go towards the upkeep of animal shelters in various related localities. By the way, the Puppy Bowl will be airing for the 11th time on Animal Planet.

The event is one that gets seen on a regular basis every year. As for the service it is very thoughtful and a necessity in the narcissistic and isolated times of crisis we are living in. Attempts have been made to point out the non-judgmental nature of pets. They do not criticize their owners and are completely amoral.

Sometimes human nature can end up being very cruel and that is when we feel that pets are a natural supplement to human relations. They are benign and innocent in their animal selves and refuse to lash out in the manner of some so-called human beings who hardly deserve the title of rational creatures.   

Source: Uber

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