Usher Sex Tape pilfered and currently being sold surreptitiously

Usher Sex Tape pilfered and currently being sold surreptitiously

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A sex tap belonging to Usher and his wife was pilfered and is currently being sold surreptitiously on the black market.

Some sneak stole a sex tape showing Usher with his pants down and the person does not understand the fact that he /4/be liable to be arrested soon. A petty thief entered Usher’s vehicle less than half a decade ago and went his way with two laptops, two video cameras and a million dollars worth of bling.

Unfortunatly for Usher, one of the laptops contained a video clip of him and his wife Tameka Raymond doing lots of interesting things one of which happened to be hot-blooded sex. The thief or someone else tried selling the tape but had no luck with it for awhile. However, recently it has come on the scene and someone is trying to sell it in massive quantities.

While none of the adult film companies are buying it since Usher would sue them right away, the blogs are readily taking the offer in an underhand manner. The famous advocate Mark Geragos is on the lookout for the thief and will hopefully find him soon. 

Meanwhile, a new song by Usher will have its CD implanted at the bottom of a Honey Nut Cheerios cereal box in the market. This obviously is good news for Usher as opposed to what was bad news a paragraph back. The single is titled “Clueless” and it has arrived after a long wait over the new album which is titled UR.

Usher has also appeared in an ad where he teaches dance moves to Buzz the Bee who is the mascot of the cereal Honey Nut Cheerios. The fact that now rhythm and blues songs will come spilling out of your cereal box is proof of the power of Usher’s music.

However, the cereal boxes will only have CDs in them if they are purchased from Walmart stores. Usher is a very successful Black American who has a superbuff body and sings very soulful and beautifully melodious songs. He sang “Georgia” once at a show and it was the most soul-stirring song to have hit the airwaves.

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His home sex video /4/cause a bit of consternation for him at present, otherwise he is at the top of his game. The man is a musical genius and deserves every accolade for his songs which touch a delicate chord in every individual who listens to them. 

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