Val Kilmer Weight: Fatman now becomes Gaunt

Val Kilmer Weight: Fatman now becomes Gaunt

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  • Val Kilmer Weight Problem was Exorcized via Diet and Exercise.

Val Kilmer the actor had a weight problem that was exorcised via diet and exercise. Fatman has now become a gaunt.

Val Kilmer is one actor that is obsessed with the size of his own waist. He was recently spotted in Malibu shopping for Levis Jeans. He was significantly leaner than usual. While his 2011 photo shows him at a corpulent all time high, currently he is not so fat at all. Val started piling on the pounds sometime back in 2007 and he continued gaining ground until he was a roly poly self that couldn’t be recognized as the actor who played Jim Morrisson in The Doors movie. He also played a role in Top Gun alongside Tom Cruise.

According to TMZ, Val lost all that excess baggage by walking till he literally dropped and eating a good nutritious diet. He had no magic pills he swallowed nor did he go under the knife. He just took long rambling walks along the Malibu beach and his diet was simple and frugal but very high in nutrients. Val didn’t even hire a personal trainer or a chef for that matter. 

Back in 2007 the selfsame Val had gone from Batman to fat man. What was a six pack was then a beer belly. He had really let himself go. The man literally wasn’t carrying his own weight. And this was an actor that had a sort of body that was the envy of many a man and the desire of many a woman. He was in the same league as George Clooney and Tom Cruise. But years of neglect and junk food had done their job and now he was out of shape. 

So began the journey back to fitness. In fact, Val Kilmer followed a road to health that was to take him back to his former fit as a fiddle self. Today he is nearly half the weight he used to be. And he did it all by walking till he could not walk a single more step.

One fine day he just looked at himself in the mirror and decided that enough was enough. So he decided to take up diet and exercise as a lifestyle choice. And that subtle change wrought miracles.

He began shedding the excess poundage and was soon a lean mean fighting machine. Good for you, Val! But be careful lest all that weight comes creeping back on your frame!

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