Valerie Bertinelli is not the only one to insult Christina Aguilera

Valerie Bertinelli is not the only one to insult Christina Aguilera

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Valerie Bertinelli is not the only one to insult the singer of Genie in a Bottle. In fact, she is the sixth celeb to have called Christina Aguilera a female dog.

In more than a dozen years or so, Xtina has been called a bitch by more people than you can think of. This proves that she has a way of getting on your nerves. Recently, Valerie Bertinelli too added her fifty cents of wisdom into the opinion box by calling Christina Aguilera a bitch. 

Past celebrities who have labelled Xtina a Big B include Mariah Carey, Avril Lavigne and Daniel Franzese. If you were to hear the stories these stars have to tell about Xtina you would call her the same thing. She definitely is a rude and obnoxious person from the hearsay evidence that is stacked against her. 

It was around the turn of the millennium that the whole insult business got going. Many stars noticed that Xtina was definitely “Dirrrty” like the song she sang of that name. Her badass reputation began to make it to the tabloids.

Especially, Daniel Franceze spoke of how he once met her at a party and spoke to her much to his regret. He just said “Hi” to her and introduced himself with reference to Mean Girls, the movie in which he played a part. She said she had never heard of him and walked away. It was the height of rudeness.

As for Shirley Manson, she went ahead and added a letter in the way she addressed Christina. She wrote on an online site that Xtina was what you would call a female genital organ.

Coming back to Valerie Bertinelli, she also went upto Xtina at a concert and told her that she was a big fan of hers. Xtina just shrugged and said “Yeah, whatever”. At this Valerie was shocked beyond belief.

Meanwhile, The Wanted’s Tom Parker has the same opinion about Xtina. According to him, she is an absolute bitch. He even admits that she might not be so in real life, but to the people on the set she was exactly that word which fits her to a T.

Adam Levine and Tony Lucca also harbored plans on calling her a bitch but they chose a more indirect plan. Instead of calling her that word to her face, they sang Jay Z’s song “99 Problems” which includes the lyrics “I got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one of them”. 

Christina had an altercation with Kelly Osbourne too. The daughter of Ozzy called her not only a bitch but used the “C” word to boot just like Shirley Manson.

And finally Eminem or Slim Shady dissed Xtina by saying some pretty mean words about her. According to him, she gave good head and had given him venereal disease.

As for Bertinelli, when she was interviewed once she was asked about her supposed feud with Xtina. She replied matter of factly that there was no feud but she did receive the ultimate brush off and cold shoulder from the bitch.

She said that she had expressed to the singer that she was a beautiful person who had such a lovely voice. But the response was not only lukewarm but downright tepid. That provoked Bertinelli to dub Xtina a regular bitch.

Bertinelli did concede this much that Xtina /4/have changed with time but she still thought she was a “femme canine”. It looks like there was no feud to begin with but now there definitely is going to be one between Valerie Bertinelli and Christina Aguilera.  

It is a fact that when highly intelligent and supersensitive people, as most celebs are, get together sparks will fly in all directions by the chance encounters. Obviously, the explosive mixture of heightend responses and acute sensibilities makes for a tinderbox setting.

The scandals and sizzling news that are fodder for tabloids then come out into the open. As for Christina, she has the prerogative to say this much that she is an assertive woman and if that makes her a bitch than so be it…she is proud to be called a bitch! It’s that simple!  

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