Vince McMahon welcomes Michael Sam on RAW

Vince McMahon welcomes Michael Sam on RAW

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Vince McMahon of WWE has welcomed Michael Sam of NFL fame to make an appearance on the RAW platform.

Michael Sam has come out of the closet in the capacity of a gay NFL player. And although he is team-less for now, Michael has been asked to come on the WWE phenomenon known as RAW and vent his personal grievances and engage in some talk therapy. 

The entire world will be watching his rants on a live and minute-by-minute basis. Michael used to be on the St. Louis Rams team. But that is all history. 

Vince McMahon is a bighearted man who is going to allow Sam to say whatever he likes whether it is serious talk or just empty badinage on the WWE RAW forum. 

The show will be the Monday Night RAW and the venue will be Baltimore. It will be quite a match since Monday Night Football will air on television at the same time when Michael Sam will be ranting and raving. 

According to MiamiHerald, “The sports entertainment juggernaut, under the direction of Vince McMahon, has given the standout athlete a public platform, if he wants, on its “Monday Night Raw” live program 8 p.m. EST Monday, Sept. 8 from Baltimore. Interestingly enough, Raw on the USA Network on Sept. 8 will be going against “Monday Night Football” as MNF kicks off its 2014 season that night on ESPN.”

Two of WWE’s hero wrestlers also came out of the closet regarding their homosexuality in the past. But this is the first time that an NFL player has also entered the stakes and put his secret life on display before the public.  

Meanwhile, a memo from Stephanie McMahon has her worried sick about a strange happening at the WWE. Stephanie thinks that Vince has turned into a vampire. 

According to her, the man is just not the same good old dude he used to be once upon a time. He has changed for the worst and become an evil force in professional entertainment. 

“Let me tell you something, brother! Vince McMahon isn’t the same dude that the Van Hulkster knew back in the days when Van Hulkamania was running wild, brother! He’s a vampire, jack! The more bad shows the WWE puts out on television, the more negativity gets put out on the internet,” Stephanie McMahon wrote in her memo.

“That’s how it works, brother. He sucks in all that negativity and the darkness grows more powerful inside him. But there is still hope, dudes! If all the little Van Hulksters say their prayers, take their vitamins and if the WWE puts me in the main event at Wrestlemania against John Cena, we can save Vince McMahon, brother! Whatchya gonna do, Vampire Vince? When the Van Hulkster, runs wild on you!”

According to Cagesideseats, John Cena said following in response to Stephanie McMahon’s memo:

“Look, nothing is wrong, everything is fine. The WWE is the best its ever been and Vince McMahon is perfectly fine as a vampire. As long as he shows Hustle, Loyalty and Respect and never gives up or surrenders, he’ll be the best vampire in the history of the whole world. And for the record, no, I am not turning heel. The magic fairy told me that if I turned heel, then I’ll never become a real boy.”

All the negativity on air nowadays feeds off the phantasmagoric images in the minds of the public. And the public is composed of the masses that happen to be asses. 

Thus entertainment becomes a matter of the least common denominator in good taste and vision. And there you have such issues as wrestlers engaging in a great deal of trash talk. 


Vince ought to pull himself together and rein in the WWE atmosphere of negativity and dissing the other. Otherwise it will all go up in a puff of smoke.    

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