Volvo Revealing Bicyclist Identification System At CES 2015

Volvo Revealing Bicyclist Identification System at CES 2015

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Volvo declares to showcase an outstanding technology for ensuring the safety of the cyclists

Volvo is looking to decrease the number of accidents between cars and bicycles significantly, as the company is ready to reveal an innovative system for identifying the proximity of the bicyclists and drivers.

Volvo has ensured about the revelation of the particular technology through a press release. The system has been jointly constructed by Volvo, POC and Ericsson. The technology is comprised with a helmet prototype and an associated car, which is capable of developing simultaneous communication between the cyclists and the drivers of the Volvo vehicles. Consequently, both the persons will be able to receive alerts about their closeness.

Volvo has already applied a technology for ensuring the safety of the cyclists in its previous vehicles. The Volvo XC90, a mid-size luxury crossover SUV, has been equipped with the City Safety system, which is capable of identifying, alerting and auto-braking the vehicle with a view to preventing the accident with the cycles.

However, the City Safety system has leaded to the arrival of the new proximity technology. In this system, the Volvo Cloud is used to share the position of the cyclists with the car, which requires the assistance of smartphone apps that are particularly made for bicyclists, including Strava. Whenever a potential accident is being identified, the two parties will be alerted. Consequently, the system has paved the way for avoiding fatal collisions.

Volvo’s technology will play a major role in decreasing the number of road collisions between the cars and cycles. More importantly, the Americans are badly in need of the technology, as almost 50,000 collisions between the cycles and vehicles take place every year in the country.   



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