Vuzix IWear 720 VR Headset to Have Its Own Headphones

Vuzix IWear 720 VR headset to have its own headphones

Photo Credits: Vuzix

The head piece can work with any device which has its HDMI output with both 2D and 3D video

It is usual for us to get fascinated by latest innovations but once everyone starts to run after the same thing, it starts to get boring as we are always looking for newer things. With so many VR platforms coming into the market, we had already gone tired of the repetition and looks like Vuzix’s IWear 720 has answered our call for something different as it isn’t just any other VR headset. Announced at the GDC 2015, the IWear 720 VR headset takes you into a new world of reality. Forget about VR and 3D, this is capable of almost any content that you want to see in any way. This head piece is truly special – you will not even require an extra pair of earphones.

Vuzix is known for its video eyewear and smart eyeglasses but with that not hitting it off rightly in the market, the company found itself another safe ground to tread on where it doesn’t have to compete with Google’s “graduation” of Glass. At this point, virtual reality really seemed to be the answer for Vuzix and it is entering the market with a little bit of something extra.

The company’s IWear 720 is going to come with its own headphones on the sides of the head piece which does sound convenient but not everyone will be comfortable with it at the same level. However, it does a pretty good job of making the device more independent so while you are putting it on to enjoy your own world, you wouldn’t have to worry about find your headphones. And while talking of its independence, we are also brought to the point of battery – the IWear 720 comes with its own battery which makes it highly portable.

The use of this headset also allows for greater flexibility; it can work with any device which has its HDMI output with both 2D and 3D video. This device can be a PC, a console, or even a mobile device. You can also view any type of content and put it to any kind of augmented reality scenarios with help from the optional 3D AR cameras.

Source: Vuzix


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