World’s First 3D-printed Car 'Strati' debuts at NAIAS 2015 in Detroit

Credit: Local Motors

Local Motors presents the world’s first 3D-printed car titles “Strati” at the North American International Auto Show 2015 in Detroit.

At NAIAS 2015 Local Motors debuts their first ever 3D print car ‘Strati’. Not only they debuted Strati at NAIAS 2015, they also 3D print and assembled the amazing car on the floor live.

The design that is being presented at NAIAS 2015, by Local Motors was chosen from among 200 their co-creation community. The winner was Michele Anoè, who received a cash prize and he also saw his design come to life at NAIAS 2015.

Strati, is the vehicle that the company has chosen to be the first in line for 3D printing. This takes place in less than a year from when the design was chosen back in /4/2014. The printing that took place at NAIAS 2015 was the maiden 3D printing of any vehicle. 

It was a three phase process by which the vehicle got printed, which the company showed at NAIAS 2015. The three phases in the process are print, refine, and finish. 


Additive manufacturing was used on the vehicle which was being made from carbon fiber which has been reinforced with thermoplastic material provided by SABIC. At present it takes approximately 44 hours to print the 212 layers required to complete the car structure in 3D print.  Local Motors hopes to reduce the print time down from 44 hours to 24 hours, by speeding up the printing process, but ensuring that the quality is not compromised. 


This phase requires subtractive manufacturing.  This phase took a few hours as the 3D-printed Car Structure moved into Thermwood CNC router mills that create the finer details.


The final phase that was being shown at the NAIAS 2015 was rapid assembly. It was at this stage that all the components that were not 3D printed were added, such as the tires, drivetrain, and gauges. After they were added, Strati got a vinyl wrapping, surface treatment or paint and the car was ready to be seen at the Detroit Auto Show 2015.

Key Specifications of Strati are:

Engine – 100% electric

Features – electronic engine immobilizer, regenerative disc brakes

Drivetrain – front and rear, rear- wheel drive

Transmission – Automatic, single speed

Battery – 6.1 kwh battery, 62-mile range, 3.5-hour charge time

Motor – 5 bhp or 17 bhp, 42 lb-ft torque*

Body – Approx. 212 layers, direct digital manufactured vehicle (DDMV), carbon fiber reinforced ABS plastic

Top Speed – approx. 50mph*

Wheels – custom made by Fifteen52

NAIAS 2015 is the event where many car lovers can get more information on this new vehicle. Some questions that might be brought up at NAIAS 2015 about the 3D printed cars could be whether this vehicle will ever be drivable.

According to the company once the vehicle clears the U.S vehicle rules and regulations it will be drivable on public roads. The goal of the company is to have the car approved by the government within 2015. 

The new style car is a stand out attraction at NAIAS 2015, with the company showcasing the process to the consumers allows them to share the brilliance in the creation of such a vehicle. 

Currently Local Motors is the only company that has attempted to and successfully printed every part of a car that was not mechanical, and they managed to do this all in one shot. Leading the way in innovation and creativity with their unique concepts and micro manufacturing. 

Local Motors’ Strati, the world’s first 3D-printed car, is currently on display at NAIAS 2015 that started on January 12th in Detroit and ends on January 25, 2015.

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