Walking Dead Season 5 says Goodbye to Tyreese

Walking Dead Season 5 says Goodbye to Tyreese


Tyreese’s death came as a surprise but it the storyline asked for the departure of his character and Chad L. Coleman said that the character’s death was dignified and required for the story to go on.

At the mid-season finale of the worldwide phenomenal zombie apocalyptic comic book based series, Walking Dead; the show said goodbye to one of the most beloved characters on the show. Beth’s death came as a shock and the fans just had enough time to get over her when they have been put through tragedy once more.

Death is a common theme in the show. When the population of dead people exceeds the ratio of the living, death is accepted yet painful too especially when the dying character is loved by all and it is none other than the virtuous, the moral compass for the entire show; Chad L. Coleman’s character, Tyreese. 

It’s the bear big guy wearing his legendary cap keeping everyone down to Earth and keeping everyone’s moral compass in the right direction. The death of the character was the basis of a very ironic message.

He was actually seeking to help Noah and got bit by his twin brother. The twin tragedy represented the duality of the world that no matter how good you are, evil always exists and the reality of the world catches up to you despite your goodness. After being bit, Tyreese didn’t opt for the clear cut amputation but chose to die a dignified death.

The process of his oncoming death was hard to watch. In his dying reverie, he saw Beth, Lizzie, Mika and The Governor of you could believe it. the disappointment was definitely there when the people he saw didn’t include Karen, his former girlfriend.

The other disappointment was that he didn’t get to say goodbye to his sister Sasha who will be in double the grief now. She had just faced the death of her boyfriend Bob and even though Tyreese wanted to leave his sister with words of farewell, he couldn’t quiet manage to do so because she wasn’t there. He was finally buried with his cap marking his grave.

While interviewing Chad L. Coleman who plays Tyreese, he admitted that he came to know of Beth and his character’s death at around the same time. Tyreese wasn’t a big character in the comic books and his morality became a favorite with the people. People usually relate with a character with high morality but that is not a superhero.

The show needed a superhuman who was conflicted by his morality. We have seen Tyreese having a hard time coming to terms with killing someone. He lied about killing Martin and even when he has risen above the killing but that is what bit him in the end, he said laughingly. 

He also confirmed that he would not be a appearing in the show. He will not be featuring in the prequel series that is rumored to take place. He also confirmed that he is not work with Joe Manganiello in a movie called Shoedog as IMBD has been showing since 2007.

He will be working in the Syfy series The Expanse. He is also producing a movie called When January Feels Like Summer featuring a transgender Indian in Harlem. He also informed about the three day event he will be becoming a part of in Ferguson.

Chad is definitely moving on after Tyreese’s death but his fans are taking their grief on Twitter under #RIPTyreese. The fans have expressed their dis/4/and sadness on the death of their favorite nice guy on the show but according to Chad, there will be a legacy of morality after his death. It is hopefully going to be picked up by Daryl whose character is still in need of direction.


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