Walmart Black Friday Uncovered

Walmart Black Friday Uncovered

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Walmart is easily the largest retailer in the country when it comes to Black Friday, or any time of the year to be honest. Year after year Walmart sets new records for their sales as people cram into stores across the country and fight for some of the best deals that you will find all year long.

2014 is largely still a mystery, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too early to start planning ahead to take advantage of these large discounts.

The Walmart Black Friday History

Black Friday became the day that we know it in the late 2000s. At this time, Walmart started participating in one of a kind deals that completely changed the retail world forever. In 2012, Walmart even announced that they were going to be opening up for deals at 8PM on Thanksgiving so that buyers could get a very early start on the shopping day and start shopping earlier than ever. Walmart took things a step further just last year, when they started opening up at 6pm on Thanksgiving.

Moving into the future, Walmart is expected to remain the single largest Holiday retailer in the world. Even though retail sales have been slumping over the past year, there is no reason to think that they aren’t going to set records in the coming months.

The Walmart Black Friday Deals

Leaked Walmart Black Friday ads are one of the best ways to know what you are in for ahead of time. Before the actual paper comes out that features the ads in the middle, you can have a good idea of the kinds of things they are offering on the big day. You don’t have to wait on leaked ads, though, since Walmart has already announced some of the deals that they are going to be offering.

For 2014, nearly two months ahead of Black Friday, they have given us a sneak peek into the kinds of things they will be offering their customers. The world’s largest retailer says that it is going to rely in part on kids for an indicator of what the hottest products are. Many shoppers are hesitant to splurge in recent years, they added, but they hope that children will be able to convince them into doing so. Among the things they will be selling are DVDs of the movie “Frozen,” the Spin Master Sew Cool Sewing Machine, and the Leapfrog LeapTV.

Early predictions from analysts are also pointing to a lot of electronics deals, although that should not be any surprise for retailers that have made a lot of money off of tech gadgets on Black Friday. Among those that are expected to be sold are:

-Amazon Kindles for $99

-iPads for $199

-4k TVs for $299

-HDTVs from $78

-Roku Boxes for $24.99

-Playstation 4 Bundles for $399

As we get closer to Black Friday, more and more deals are going to be revealed through a number of different outlets. Leaked Ads, insider reports, and official announcements will start rolling in just in time to plan ahead for the once in a lifetime deals they have in mind.

Last Year – Walmart Black Friday 2013

In 2013, Walmart announced that “This has been the most successful Black Friday in Walmart’s history, with customers receiving bigger and better savings and an overall safer shopping experience. We’re proud of the hard work our associates have put into making this a great Black Friday for our customers.” Even though 1500 protests took place by workers at the store, they earned millions of dollars in a single day like they never had before.

In 2013, there were seven times the one-hour deals than they had before. Among the 65 items that they had on sale were:

-60” 1080p LED TVs for $688 (saving $310)

-HP Laptops for $278

-Beats By Dre Solo Headphones for $114 (saving $85)

-Xbox 360s for $98

-Apple iPhone 5Cs for $45 and 5S for $189

-Hundreds More Deals

See the Top 10 Walmart Black Friday 2013 Deals.

Walmart was very proud of their performance in 2013, and it was certainly nothing to scoff at. Will 2014 beat their previous record? There is no reason to think otherwise.

How the Walmart Black Friday Works

It is important to understand just how Black Friday works at Walmart. There are a couple of different kinds of deals that they offer to their customers:

– One-Hour Guarantees

Something that Walmart does that very few other stores do is in the form of a One-Hour Guarantee. This makes sure that any customer trying to purchase a product during the One-Hour window will receive one. If the item sells out, Walmart will issue a Guarantee Card that ensures you receive one by Christmas as long as you register the card by Midnight on December 1.

– Wrapped Deals

Since Walmart is a 24 hour store, they have to deal with the fact that their customers are in the store at the times that other stores would usually be preparing their displays. To handle this problem, Walmart wraps up deals on pallets and opens them up for customers at different times throughout the night and day. This typically causes a fight over the limited quantity, but for those that are willing to make an honest attempt, the payoff is worth the struggle.

Walmart Black Friday 2014

Walmart is reportedly already open stores Thanksgiving Day morning. The Walmart Black Friday sale is though starting again at 6pm with the first wave of Doorbuster deals.

At the end of the day, Walmart is one of the retailers that is a leader on Black Friday. Aside from Best Buy, there are very few businesses that can compete with them. In the past, there have been incredible deals and incredible crowds that have lined up around the block to get in on the action, so it is important that you be prepared for this kind of thing. With the right information, you can get plenty of products for almost unbelievable prices, so take your time, know your shopping, and stay safe out there!

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