Watch Apple’s 2 New Hilarious iPhone Ads: Gamers & Reservations

Watch Apple's 2 New Hilarious iPhone Ads: Gamers & Reservations


Apple has introduced two new ads titled Gamers and Reservations respectively.

Two new iPhone ads labeled Gamers and Reservations came out yesterday. In a similar manner to the previous ads for its iPhone 6, these ads too featured the voices of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.

However, the response to the ads was tepid at best and very lukewarm. They are weak divertissements that don’t click with the public. After looking at them one is left with the feeling that something is lacking. The Gamers ad shows how gaming can be taken to the next level.

Fallon and Timberlake at first pretend they are not gamers. Then they suddenly shift tack and pretend they are gamers. However, the ad is wishy washy and fails to stimulate the appetite of the audiences.

The Reservations ad is up next. It shows the ability to make phone calls from Apple gadgets such as a MacBook and an iPad. The very commercial is very irritating and gets on your nerves. What in the world has happened to Apple.

This is the same company which produced the Think Different ads for the dictatorial smash down in its 1984 commercial where an Amazon throws the sledgehammer onto a screen featuring big brother. Where is all that now?

In the first one of the ads, Fallon is playing Vainglory on the iPhone 6 while Timberlake is playing the same game on the iPhone 6 Plus. When Timberlake shifts to a Serpent Mask, Fallon taunts him by saying that he is a Noob. Their dialogue is indeed very maudlin and mawkish in its delivery. It leaves nothing to the imagination.

The really sad thing is that this whole thing could have been so funny with a bit of hard work and homework having been done by the scriptwriter. Yet it fails to catch the interest of the public. In fact, the whole scheme doesn’t even seem to register as a blip on the cultural radar.

It is definitely thumbs down for the whole shebang. The truly inane and corny dialogue between both Fallon and Timberlake make the ad seem too sentimental for the tastes of advanced gamers that have their own hardcore lingo.

It seems these two are a bunch of four year olds engaging in an “I have more toys than you” game of one-upmanship. A large portion of the YouTube version of the ad got the boot from viewers. Nobody likes to see substandard stuff especially petrified and putrid cultural craziness as was displayed in this ad duo.

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