Wayward Pines is Better than San Andreas

Wayward Pines is Better than San Andreas

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The actress, Carla Gugino claims that her movie San Andreas is way more chilling than the Fox TV series she appears in titled Wayward Pines. She grew up in California and so she knows a thing or two about earthquakes.

The beautiful and vivacious actress, Carla Gugino is not only to star in a Fox series titled Wayward Pines but also to make an appearance in a hit film. The movie will arrive in theaters sometime in the sultry summer months. The series Wayward Pines has its setting in Idaho where the potatoes grow. It is a mindbending film that has the likes of Matt Dillon, Terence Howard and Melissa Leo among the actors and actresses working in on its set. 

And the director is none other than M. Night Shyamalan, who is known for directing such scary stuff as The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. Wayward Pines shows Dillon as Secret Service agent, Ethan Burke who travels on the trail of missing colleagues and ends up in a car accident. When he regains full consciousness,  he finds himself in the company of Gugino who is one of the missing agents. 

She is suffering from amnesia. As for the other agent, he is dead. He had a past romantic fling with Gugino so he feels some sympathy for her. However, you begin to realize the gravity of the situation when you find out in the series that Dillon cannot move or even place an emergency phone call to his home town. This strange and bizarre condition of analysis paralysis is something truly macabre and it haunts the audience.    

Gugino plays a character that is a mixture of uncommitted lady, career-holding female and someone getting on in years. She is also shown to be somewhat of a cynic. The complex character she portrays onscreen does not mean that everything ends tragically in the series though. Things dovetail in the final scene.   

Meanwhile, coming to the real point, San Andreas is a movie that Gugino will be a fundamental part of. It is all about a devastating earthquake that hits the center of California wreaking utter havoc in its wake. Gugino is shown as the spouse of a rescue team pilot played by Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. The two try to reach San Francisco in the nick of time to save the life of their daughter. 

Gugino spoke with Fox News of how since she migrated to California when she was a little girl, she is used to experiencing real life earthquakes and was scared like hell a couple of times by them. Yet despite Mother Nature’s cruelty and terror, you could take precautions to avoid her worst disasters and catastrophes. The movie will thrill and scare the audience out of its wits once it comes in theaters, promises Gugino. 

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