We need to #FixTheInternet after Kim Kardashian #BreakTheInternet

We need to #FixTheInternet after Kim Kardashian #BreakTheInternet

Paper Mag
  • The Ocean of Opinions on Kim’s Naughty Nude Photo Shoot.

Kim Kardashian’s naughty nude photo shoot for Paper Mag has unleashed a deluge. The ocean of opinions from good to bad to ugly have inundated the world of readers whether online or offline.

Although, Kim K’s completely nude pic goes viral but Kim and Jean-Paul Goude never really planned this type of photo shoot which got covered for Paper Mag. Instead, what really happened was that the champagne photo was the only one which was supposed to go to the press for publishing. 

But ultimately, the two were so in synch with each other that they decided to go the whole hog and dismissed the rest of the crew on set. They got creative and the result was the nude photo shoot. Kim has thumbed her nose at her critics. 

According to E! News, Kim says that her hubby Kanye is perfectly at peace with what she has done and that she is a bold belle who has the guts and the glory to flaunt it so long as she has it. 

Ultimately it was Kim’s personal decision and she has every right to it since it is her body. She is the captain of her ship after all. Among the opinions that jammed the internet were some by Sir Mix-A-Lot. While he is not averse to some fine piece of cheeky ass portruding in his direction, the man is more in favor of Jennifer Lopez’s buttocks instead of Kim’s.

According to TMZ, it is different strokes for different folks. That is what it comes down to. He has seen Kim’s rotund rear end and though he admits that those bubblicious booboos are pretty enticing, when it comes to sustainable sexiness they just couldn’t hold the candle to J.Lo’s jukebox. Sir Mix-A-Lot got the inspiration for his song “Baby Got Back” from endlessly watching the Gluteus Maximus attached to the back side of Jenny from the Block.

As for Kim’s impersonator Naya Rivera, she reminded Kim that she was a mother and should have known better than baring all. What will baby North say if one fine day in the future her friends tease and bully her in class by pointing out the fact that many years back her mother showed eveything she ever had to the entire globe.

According to FoxNews, the musician Lorde also simply posted the message “mom” which said all that needed to be said. 

Meanwhile the butt, boobs and ahem…something else…shoot has inspired many comedy kings to express themselves fully in front of crowds who cry tears of hilarity and mirth. Chelsea Handler spoke that instead of one ass, Kim’s ass looked like two asses. It took a lot of space in the photo opportunity.

Bill Eichner said that we were all probably sick of watching Kim’s nude photos by now. He offered a pic of Bob Hope as an alternative.

Kim did get some camaraderie amidst the shebang from both husband Kanye and mom Kris Jenner.

A photo posted by @krisjenner on

Jennifer Lopez too had reacted on the issue of being called a mom who had shown her butt by saying “moms are not supposed to be sexy? How did I have my kids in the first place!?”

Kanye’s response of “ALL DAY” to his wife’s photoshoot was simply the ultimate support that could be shown from a significant other.

According to UsWeekly, Kanye once tweeted “HEADING HOME NOW” after Kim revealed a supersexy image of her wearing a bathing suit. Kanye sure knows how to pamper his wife. He took Kim on a tropical vacation and also presented her with a Hermes purse recently.

According to Time, the writer and culture addict Brian Moylan spoke of how Kim’s exposure of her butt which people had to put up with was nothing but a false hope. It was a Net Trap and signified emptiness and meaninglessness.

In fact, it looked more like a confectionery item. That people like Madonna, Miley Cyrus and the late Joan Rivers had some rules to break which they only did so after learning the rules shows that their creations had substance to them. But what does Kim possess other than a a great body and an even greater butt that you just want to keep staring at.

According to BostonHerald, Kim is not a good role model to millions of pubescent girls who are screaming everytime her name appears. They should have their mothers keep a close eye on them lest they end up baring all in the future as a shortcut to fame like Kim.

Michelle Beadle too was very critical of Kim’s big fat butt. She posted some pretty nasty comments on Twitter and mocked Kim thoroughly.

According to DailyBeast, Kim had once expressed the fact that she would not like to be a floozy who was only known for taking her clothes off for the camera. But you can see that that was just a fake expression of shame.

As for the Larry Bird tweets on Twitter they included such remarks as “stop making stupid people famous”. How true! 


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