Wearable Technology Comes to Cats, Dogs and Babies

Wearable Technology Comes to Cats, Dogs and Babies

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Your cat might adopt wearable technology before you do.

Wearable Technology stays in the headlines even after CES is over. 2015 is seen by most as the year of when wearables really take off. Why? The Apple Watch is going to be released in Spring and is set to change the wearable technology market similar to what Apple did for smartphones and tablets. See this funny cartoon as illustration.

While the Apple Watch is for Millennials, there are new waves of wearables that are for pets and for even for babies.

Anicall Wearable for Pets


Japanese Anicall unveiled at the 1st Wearable Device Technology Expo in Tokyo a wearables for cats and dogs. Anicall is worn by the pets around the neck. The smart collar can sense heart rate and body temperature. The Anicall app can analyze photos of your pet determine if its happy or sad – a typical Japanese gadgetry.

The Anicall smart collar communicates via Bluetooth with the smartphone app. Anicall will be launched in Japan later this year reports the WSJ.

Whistle wearables for Dogs


We first reported about Whistle back in 2013. The $99 Whistle is widely available in PetSmart stores and even on the Apple Store. The Whistle Activity Monitor is a health tracker for your dog. It attaches to any collar and measures your dog’s activities, giving you a new perspective on day-to-day behavior and long-term trends. Visit the Whistle site for more details.

Sproutling Device for Babies


For the baby the hottest wearable on the market is Sproutling. The baby of today wears a Sproutling band around its ankle. The band senses heart rate, skin temperature, motion and position. It communicates with a smartphone app on your phone and lets you know if your baby is sleeping soundly or if something is wrong. The coolest thing Sproutling does is to predict when little baby wakes up based on the collected data. The Sproutling app even tells parents if the just woken up baby is calmy, fussy or angry. 

Sproutling will ship in March, but initial shipment is sold out. You can join a waiting list on the Sproutling site.

Pacif-i Smart Pacifier


Blue Maestro introduced Pacif-i, a smart pacifier that monitors a baby’s temperature and transmits the data to an app on a parent’s iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The premise of Pacif-i is similar to Sproutling, but packs the sensor into a pacifier. The main use of Pacif-i is to measure the baby’s temperature. This is great when baby is sick. The temperature data is sent to a smartphone app. The Pacif-i can also be used to track a toddler’s movement and alert parents when little baby breaks the perimeter.

Pacif-i is available for pre-order for a low price of $40 on the BlueMaestro site.

Wearable Technology is expanding fast into many areas. It starts to get difficult to keep track. The next big event where wearable technology experts get together is the 14th Wearable Technology Conference in Munich on Feb. 2-3. We have secured three free conference passes worth each $1,000 for our readers.

You can win one of the free passes. The Giveaway ends tomorrow. Enter the Giveaway today.

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