Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Winner Solves it with One Letter

Matt sloves Wheel of Fortune Puzzle with One Letter

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  • Wheel of Fortune Puzzle solved with One Letter.
  • Largest main-game winner of $91,892 name is Matt DeSanto.

The Wheel of Fortune puzzle was solved with one letter by a contestant leading to his winning a humongous amount of cash.

The Wheel of Fortune Puzzle contestant was magic in the making! Matt DeSanto holds the record for solving an earlier puzzle on the Wheel of Fortune show with one letter guesstimate. The fact that he managed to solve every other puzzle with the help of one letter shows his mental prowess and powers of the imagination.

At the end of the day, DeSanto had amassed a fortune amounting to $91,892. The round began with one letter E on the series of empty letter slots. DeSanto guessed The Lone Ranger.

But how was it possible that he was so fortunate? Call it luck and the prepared mind. He himself calls it sheer luck. DeSanto resides in Pennsylvania and is a father of two children. He has been a regular viewer of the show since he was barely 5 years of age.

So he was familiar with the template and didn’t have to really prepare for the whole shebang. A few minutes on the crossword puzzles were all he needed to warm up for the big time. And he also tried not to let his mental hang-ups get in the way of winning.   

However, while DeSanto managed to go beyond the $7K watermark, he lost the winning streak afterwards. The final bonus round was where he faltered. He could not guess the word and lost what could have amounted to a million dollars worth of cold hard cash.

Oh well, you win some and you lose some. Last time someone grabbed such a phenomenal amount, it was a math teacher. By the time DeSanto reached the bonus round he was frankly speaking at his wits end.

Wheel of Fortune puzzle winner told Today that he guessed one word but stalled at the second one. This was once again sheer hard luck and he had to admit that he could have done better. But fun is fun and done is done.

However, the earlier luck that Matt DeSanto experienced was such an eye opener of sorts that it led to gasps from the audience. He definitely is one man who has practiced the game till he is perfect at it.

Matt said that when the first Wheel of Fortune puzzle came before him he reasoned that the first three letters would obviously be THE and he worked from there on-wards logically to quote that the phrase was THE LONE RANGER. Good for you, Matt!

Watch below the video of Wheel of Fortune in which Matt solves puzzle with one letter.

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