Why Alfonso Ribeiro wins Dancing with the Stars Season 19?

Why Alfonso Ribeiro wins Dancing with the Stars Season 19?

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  • The finale of this season was jam packed with fun and amazing performances.
  • Meghan Trainor, Jennifer Hudson and Nick Jonas all performed on the show.

The former contestants returned with their best performances.

It was a star a star-studded night on Dancing with the Stars Season 19. The race to win the mirror ball trophy between the last three finalists was full of anticipation and excitement. So how did the two hours of the show go?

Bethany Mota returned by popular demand on Twitter to perform her futuristic freestyle from the Monday’s show. The eliminated contestants returned to perform their best performances from the season. it was like a medley of performances featuring Alfonso and Witney doing The Carlton for a few seconds, Betsey Johnson doing her splits and Michael Waltrip falling down on the floor. It was exciting to see the contestants in their element once more. 

The music of the night was taken to a new height by performances from Meghan Trainor singing a couple of songs. Nick Jonas performed Jealous from his new album and Jennifer Hudson rocked it with Go All Night. The four finalists tried a rap version of Prince of Bel Air without any success.

Their was also the brief clips of the stars back stage footage and a particularly funny clip of dress rehearsals with crazy lines from hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews. The two seemed to be in high spirits Tuesday night. Other than that Bruno Trinioli’s 59th birthday was celebrated.

For the finalists, the challenge for the top three was to perform a routine developed in a day. Sadie and Mark did a cute samba/quickstep to Nitty Gritty by Kimberly Cole. She said that it would be so great for her to take the trophy home. They received full score and Julianne Hough said; “We love you,” Bruno praised Mark for making Sadie look like a “princess.” Their score was 118 out of 120.

Janel Parish performed a foxtrot/paso doble fusion that was aggressive and passionate. The judges all had great comments for the performance and they earned 40 points reaching a grand total of 117.

Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney’s cha cha/ Argentine tango was red hot. Alfonso admitted that he wanted to be on the show since it started and in all the years in between. So it was amazing to be performing now. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air star was in for a surprise.

Despite multiple injuries and a point of time where he /4/have had to withdraw from the show, Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney won the mirror ball trophy!

Yes! The star teared up and managed to say; “I cannot believe this. I’ve wanted it forever. My god, I don’t even know what to say.’ Witney turned to hug Alfonso when the news was announced and said that he deserved it and he was the most hardworking man ever.  It would have been amazing if Will Smith was there but no regrets because Alfonso was the fan favorite this year.

Sadie came in as the runner-up and said she was blessed to have performed on the show. Janel was declared the second runner up and although she was crying, she said that she has had her trophy from the start when she met Val. The couple hugged and left so much to though. There has got to be something going on there but more of that later because Alfonso and Witney looked stunning with the mirror ball trophy and Alfonso was hoisted on his fellow contestants’ shoulders. And that’s the end of the season folks.

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