Why Randy Jackson will not Return for the Next Season of American Idol?

Why Randy Jackson will not Return for the Next Season of American Idol?

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  • The veteran judge for the show was the only judge that was left on the panel this season.
  • Randy has not given any specific reasons for leaving.

He has offered invaluable guidance to all the contestants and has played an important role in making of Idols.

American Idol has made American musical history for the past 12 years. It started off with a panel of judges, some great singers and an ambitious production team of Fox Network. At that time it was a risqué-fatale for everyone on the show. Since then it has become the greatest platform for the realization of the American dream. It has produced many star musicians and singers.

The credit of the shows success beside the great singing is of course, the judges. Simon Cowell with his cold blooded criticism, Paula Abdul with all the glamour and love and of course the ‘Dawg’ man, Randy Jackson. In all the Simon-Paula bickering, which was fun to watch, Randy was the voice of reason. He has guided, judged and mentored the contestants so beautifully and his contestants have become successful in the long run. 

Randy is not only a judge, he has a long history of music to base his experiences upon. He is also a music producer and a TV producer. He has also been on the production team for American Idol so Jackson has pretty much helped the show stand on its two feet. 

Imagine our shock when Randy just announced that it would be a perfect time for him to leave the show. It was anticipated of course. Paula Abdul left the show in 2009 and Simon Cowell left the next year. Everyone expected Randy to leave then but he stayed as judge on the show and the cloud of loosing the judges passed over. Randy worked amazingly with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. They also had other musicians on the panel including Kara DioGuardi and Ellen Degeneres.

Coming 2013, Randy arranged for Mariah Carey to be on the Judges panel. He was Mariah’s manager at the time. Fox signed a $18 million deal with Mariah. Fox also signed a deal with Nicki Manaj considering her popularity among the audience and Keith Urban for some sensible musical direction. The 5-judges looked all set to and happy. There’s always trouble in paradise as expected. This time, it was Nicki and Mariah who tangled in an ongoing friction on the show. Both stars were verbal about their opinions not only on the show but also on the social media. 

Urban and Lopez avoided the onslaught on the fight but Jackson was right in the middle of it. Literally, he was usually sitting between them when they bickered. Atleast he was on the side when Simon and Paula bickered but this time it all fell on him. He was also Mariah’s manger at the same time while he was a judge.

How she behaved impacted on his image as well. This not only put a strain on the show’s ratings but also on Mariah and Randy’s relationship as he left Mariah’s management. At that time it was blamed on her busy schedule. We can guess that the show was to blame for it. Nicki also left after that season. it was only Jackson who was left to face the consequences but he is popular among the Idol fans. 

He returned this year as a mentor for the stars. Any sensible person could see that the new panel of judges comprising of Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.; have the judging front covered. Randy had to make a call and he called it quits.

Some /4/say it’s sensible. Randy is very popular and he will be dearly missed. Randy left with good things to say about American Idol. He said that he was glad to be a part of it and the show will definitely go down in history as one of the country’s greatest.

Fox network also said great things about the judge and mentor. They said that Randy has served as an integral part of the show. He has helped in the making of many stars that the show launched and they wished him the best of luck for the next step of his life. They also hoped that Randy will visit the show time to time. 

After Randy’s departure, Ryan Seacrest will be the only original left on the show and he’s not leaving anytime soon as news just came in that the network has signed him and Jennifer Lopez for the 2015 season.

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