Will the South rise at CES 2015?

Will the South rise at CES 2015?


Southern U.S. to unveil big technologies

While the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas will be far from the Civil War, one thing that is for certain is that nearly 200 Southern United States based technology companies will be showcasing new consumer technologies at the event. These Southern based companies will take part in the 20 marketplaces that will be at CES 2015 with some of these companies looking to become game changers and possible household names in the immediate future.

One good example of a Southern based tech company that will be at CES 2015 is the Florida based, UniKey. UniKey was founded by Phil Dumas and this company will feature new passive keyless technologies that is similar to Smart Lock. Dumas says that he wants to be able to branch into other areas such as hospitality. Health and Fitness will be a newer market that will get a lot of focus for CES 2015 and one company that plans on capitalizing on that market is the Raleigh, North Carolina based Valencell. Valencell plans on showcasing a new wearable technology that monitors the heartbeat during any kind of physical activity. The company is looking to advertise to the health and fitness market and also the EMT and first responders of the world.

2015 will certainly be a big year for the International Consumer Electronics Show. 2015 is also shaping up to be a big year for Southern U.S. based technology companies unveiling their new technologies at the event. The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show is set to take place during the week of January 6th through January 9th and will be produced by the Consumers Electronics Association. It is certainly shaping up to look like a showcase of top Southern United States technology companies that are looking to become big players in the consumer electronics industry for years to come.


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