William Shatner’s Absence from Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral Sparks Controversy

William Shatner’s Absence from Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral sparks Controversy

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Leonard Nimoy’s funeral took place a day ago. And his friend and costar William Shatner’s absence from the event sparked considerable controversy.

Who doesn’t remember Leonard Nimoy or Mr. Spock, the alien with the pointed ears, from Star Trek. He was laid to rest yesterday and it was a thoroughly Jewish ceremony as witnessed by friends and family. The event was very secluded and took place at his LA residence. The time of the last rites was 9 AM in the morning.

Yet conspicuously absent from the funeral was William Shatner who represented Captain Kirk in the sci fi series that used to air on television. Among those there to attend to the famous star’s final burial were his spouse Susan, his kids, Adam and Julie, and a stepson too.

William Shatner showed a whole lot of blatant heartlessness by refusing to cancel a charity event in order to see his dead friend’s face a final time before he was lowered into his casket. He never attended the funeral leading many of Nimoy’s fans to call him Captain Jerk.

The trolls took to cyberspace to criticize him severely for missing his costar and best buddy’s funeral. But William Shatner has said that he had an alibi and it was that there were no flights from the place where he was when the funeral took place. 

The critics (and there were many of them) labeled William Shatner, who is himself well into his 80s, a nasty human being and even said that he ought to have hired a private jet and made the long distance journey.

Shatner even said that his daughters would attend the sad event, but it was no go for Nimoy’s fans who felt the man had let down his best friend and valued costar in his last few hours before being interred.

Shatner finally blurted the truth and said that he didn’t want to let the opportunity of doing such a good deed as raising money for a worthy cause go by. Nevertheless he did admit the fact that he felt very bad for not having come when he should have.

Nimoy passed away due to lung disease complications. He had COPD and was 83 years of age when he breathed his last. A lot of heated repartee and jousting took place on the Internet between Shatner and Nimoy’s fans.

Shatner did have the grace to mention that Nimoy was a sweet and lovable man and that he was not as serious in real life as his alter ego Mr. Spock was on screen. Shatner even requested a minute of absolute silence in honor of his deceased friend at the charity event.

It was a Red Cross fundraiser and Shatner even dissed himself while speaking at the event in a display of abject guilt by saying that his best friend was being buried and here he was collecting money for a worthy cause. 

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