World’s Most Titled Person, Duchess of Alba, Dies at 88

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World’s Most Titled Person, Duchess of Alba, Dies at 88

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The duchess of Alba has died at the age of 88 and she was Spain’s most titled aristocrat.

She used to be the wealthiest aristocrat and now she has passed away. The duchess of Alba was at Seville when she passed away. She had been admitted to the hospital since Sunday and she had pneumonia. Many people say that she probably had a heart attack. She also had a stomach virus some days ago. 

She had been ill for quite some time now and recent reports were claiming that she was getting better by the day. On Tuesday she was taken to her home to her six children. Her husband Alfonso Diez was also there and he is 64 years old. When she died, the mayor of Seville took upon himself to announce her death.

She spend that last years of her life in Seville and many people say that she loved being there. The mayor of the city said that the duchess always had a place in her heart for Seville. The mayor said that she will always be remembered by Seville and that is why people loved here.

Many Spanish people loved the duchess of Alba and she will always be cherished. In her lifetime she had been married three times. Mr. Diez is her third husband and he used to be a civil servant. She was married for a third time in 2011 October. She has always been free spirited and she never thought about what others think of her.

That is why a lot of people were surprised when she was married for a third time. The duchess of Alba is also distant relative of Queen Elizabeth. The duchess of Alba holds the record for having the most aristocratic titles. This is because she had been a duchess seven times over.

She has also been a countess 19 time and a marquesa 23 times. Her full name is Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonso Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva. In the Spanish history there is a House of Alba. The duchess of Alba was the head of House of Alba.

This house has a 530 year old history. The duchess is also entitled to ride her horse into Seville Cathedral. She also doesn’t need to kneel before the Pope. Some historians claim that the Queen has to bow in front of her.

The reason for that is that duchess is descended from James II through his illegitimate son James Fitz-James and because the Queen is from the upstart Saxe-Coburg Gotha line. The frizzy haired Duchess is Spain’s most beloved personality.

The duchess used to have a squeaky voice and she also used to wear flamboyant dresses. She used to be a regular in the Spanish gossip magazines. She was famous for hosting Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn when they visited Spain. She also gave her place in Madrid to host the Dior fashion show.

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