Wyplay will showcase its Integration of SIGFOX’s Technology at CES 2015

Wyplay will showcase its Integration of SIGFOX’s Technology at CES 2015


Wyplay will connect its Frog Broadcast TV Set-Top-Boxes to the SIGFOX Internet of Things and the two will demonstrate the joint solution at the CES 2015.

Wyplay the creator of software solutions for leading pay-TV operators has joined hands with SIGFOX which is the pioneer in cost effective, energy efficient IoT connectivity. The two companies revealed today that they will be joining hands in a joint technology collaboration that will yield many benefits to the pay-TV operators and enhance customer experience. They have announced to display this new technology at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas. 

The system will integrate SIGFOX’s IoT cellular connectivity solution with Wyplay’s open source pay-TV set-top-boxes (STB) middleware. Now this will allow the TV operators to connect their broadcast decoders to their backend systems without a direct Internet connection. Due to this enhanced service will be provided to two-thirds of all satellite subscribers around the world. 

This integration by both the companies has been possible due to the open nature of the Frog Client middleware, the availability of SIGFOX Ready devices and obviously the close cooperation of the Canal+ innovation team. Moreover now thanks to this system essential customer care diagnostics information can be retrieved from the STBs over SIGFOX’s network.

Now you will be thinking what’s so great about this data collection system; well now the operator can quickly identify the root cause of a customer complaint. So you see it is not only better for the TV operators but for the customers as well, because now their complaints will be solved as soon as possible and they will not have to wait for long. Plus this information will also lead to the shortening of phone calls between call centers and customers which will lead to an improved and better customer satisfaction and even reduce the operating costs.

The SIGFOX global IoT network will begin its deployment in the U.S in the beginning of 2015. Right now the company is operating in many European countries. The SIGFOX network is designed specifically for two-way, small message device communication. That is why it has given SIGFOX the advantage of eliminating the cost and energy-use barriers to wide adoption of the IoT and greatly extends the battery and service life of connected devices.

Stuart Lodge the executive vice president global sales at SIGFOX and he explained that the partnership between SIGFOX and Wyplay clearly shows the kind of efficiency that the Internet of Things can and is delivering via SIGFOX’s network and also the innovative thinking of Wyplay. He said that helping the TV operators in improving their customer service while lowering operating costs too is a very powerful and encouraging example for other industries and companies.

Wyplay will be exhibiting this new integration with SIGFOX on the Canal+ STB at the International CES 2015 that will start from the 6th of January in Las Vegas, Nevada. The demonstration by this new partnership will take place in the Venetian Hotel, Murano Ballroom. Do not miss the CES 2015 and the chance to know about this new wonderful technology. 

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