Xbox and PlayStation Networks hacked by Lizard Squad on Christmas

Xbox and PlayStation Networks hacked by Lizard Squad on Christmas

The Xbox and Playstation online services have unfortunately been hacked and disabled by a group of no-gooders known as the Lizard Squad.

It’s been nearly three days and the networks of Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation have been jammed online by a bunch of gangly hackers. The officials from both conglomerates started out by requesting the public to wait a bit till service resumed.

Then they asked them to show a little patience. And finally they said that they were still facing issues and that it would take some time.

And Xbox website stated: “Xbox members, are you experiencing issues when attempting to sign in? We’re aware of this issue, and we’re working to find a fix ASAP! We appreciate your patience in the meantime, and we encourage you to retry signing in when you get a chance. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.”

This is a serious problem that does not have an easy solution. One of the big issues that has cropped up is that both Sony and Microsoft sold their respective PlayStations and Xboxs over the Christmas holidays. And now the buyers are clamoring for some online entertainment but they are not getting any.

One of the purchasers said that his young son was in tears since he had planned to play the games on the PlayStation but now he was left high and dry. Sony ought to repay and re-compensate them for their efforts which had come to naught, said the distraught parent. And many other parents and kids feel the same way.   

The group of hackers that is termed the Lizard Squad and it /4/be a bunch of 14-15 year old good-for-nothing louts out for some fun. At least that is the opinion of many people who posted online messages on Twitter to the same effect.

They said that if such a supposedly harmless posse of problematic people could throw a spanner in the works than Microsoft and Sony ought to be ashamed of their team of engineers and experts.

After all, other large high tech firms such as Apple Incorporated and Google could easily uproot any bugs that got in their systems. But these two organizations or rather game makers had lowered their reputation thanks to a slight attack by the Lizard Squad.

Xbox and PlayStation were being employed by a majority of the world’s people for their gaming requirements. Now however thanks to the negligence of Sony and Microsoft, they were bored to death and that too over the Christmas holidays when everyone is mostly having fun and engaged in merriment.

But of course when you are dependent upon big business or big government such a scenario is likely to happen. The hackers meanwhile have promised in a snide way to put things right provided they are retweeted many times by gamers. Fat chance! 

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