Xbox One gets a Major Update Ahead of Holidays

Xbox One gets a Major Update Ahead of Holidays

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The last major update of Xbox One system has been rolled out ahead of holidays. The update includes many new personalization features as well as TV features.

Within the first year of Xbox One many system updates were released in order to enhance user experience. Until now almost ten system updates have been rolled out and these updates include several features such as low battery indicator, turning off notifications, ability to download games from remote locations, increased external storage and much more.

Recently the last major system update of 2014 has been released and it incorporates many novel personalization features along with many TV features. The new update will allow you to interact with the gaming community of Xbox Live.

It provides you the ability to customize the background of your Xbox One. It also permits you to flaunt all your top achievements and share the amazing game clips in better and new ways. 

Every account on Xbox One will now have its own customized background. You will be allowed to choose an achievement art for the background of your account or you can choose a color from a set of custom colors for the theme.

With the help of media player app you can pick a PNG or JPG image and set it as your background. The update allows you to share your location and your bio on your Xbox One profile. You can check out showcase items of other users with the help of Xbox One SmartGlass. I

n addition to this, you can select a group of items which you want other users to see when they browse your profile. You can now add or remove up to six achievements or game clips with the help of Xbox One Console or Xbox One SmartGlass.

Tweeting about all your favorite Xbox One game clips has become very easy. In order to share your game clip you should press the share button present on any game clip and select Twitter to create the tweet.

Now for the first time, you can see what people are talking about the new shows in real time with the help of Twitter integration and new Live TV. Xbox one user in Canada, UK and U.S will be able to see a new “Trending” tab that displays the top 20 famous and most watched TV shows.

You will also be able to see a list of shows that are in accord with your OneGuide settings. Likewise, your favorite TV channels are included in the MiniGuide. Furthermore, you can activate MiniGuide via voice by saying “Xbox Select MiniGuide.” 

The update allows you to maintain a list of all your friends that have played a specific game and new section for the app has been made. This app section makes it easier for you to find and download Xbox One Games.

Twitter experience has been enhanced in the update; it allows browsing hashtag in order to quickly join the ongoing conversation. You can now see Tweets regarding Live Television Shows in real time. 

Source: Major Nelson via The Verge

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