Xbox One takes the lead in console sales for 2014

Xbox One takes the lead in console sales for 2014

Console sales have increased by 20 percent from last year

The latest data from NPD shows that console sales have gone up by a considerable 20 percent from last year to over $5 billion. Microsoft’s Xbox One has taken the lead on this latest charge. The gaming console topped the charts in December for the second straight month and we can attribute this increasing popularity to the smart and likewise quite attractive pricing strategies for the Holiday Season.

Prior to this development, Sony’s PlayStation 4 had been eating up all share of the Xbox One but timing for setting up the stage for increasing demand in the last two months of the year was more than perfect. The last two months see sales accelerate to new heights and for various other reasons, these two months serve as the most critical ones for the consoles. Microsoft has another exciting news; the Xbox One is again receiving a promotional offer and will be available for $349 (sans Kinect) starting January 16th.

Things seemed good for gaming consoles but on the software side of things, the data gave more reason to be concerned as software sales were down 13 percent from last year to $5.3 billion. Highest selling gaming title off the year was Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Madden NFL 15, Destiny, Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft rounded out the top 5. Nitendo’s bestseller for the year 2014 was Super Smash Bros which came sixth overall.

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