You Wouldn’t Believe Who Pumpkin’s Real Dad Is

You Wouldn’t Believe Who Pumpkin’s Real Dad Is

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Mama June recently revealed who Pumpkin’s real father is. She also reveals another relationship with a child molester.

Mama June gave an interview and she was there to make things right with the world. A lot of people were criticizing her and saying that she shouldn’t be dating a man who has been charged with child molestation. Mama June was dating a man who had molested Mama June’s daughter and this is why a lot of people were angry with Mama June. 

People think that her daughter has already gone through too much. Mama June sat down with ET’s Brooke Anderson and Brooke had a lot of tough question for Mama June. Mama June’s oldest daughter claims that she was molested by the man when she was just 8 years old. 

Now Anna Cardwell is 20 years old and she hates the fact Mama June is dating a convicted child molester. Mama June said that she has nothing to hide and nothing to lose as she wants to give the people the truth and she also wants to tell her side of the story. 

Mark McDaniel who was recently released from prison, served ten years in jail. As soon as he got out, he started dating Mama June. Mama June and Mark McDaniel got together at an arranged meeting. This meeting was held so that they could give closure to Pumpkin who is 14 years old. Mama June said that since Pumpkin’s birth, she had only known Mark. 

She also said that Pumpkin used to ask her these difficult question about herself. Mama June said that the meeting was held so that Pumpkin could be told that Mark was not her real father. She said that she was sitting right there with twelve other people. 

Pumpkin wanted this meeting so that she could get answers about what happened and why did he leave her. Mark told Pumpkin in that meeting that he wasn’t real father. Mama June had previously told Pumpkin that Mark wasn’t her father but she never believed Mama June and she wanted to hear it from Mark McDaniel. 

Now Mama June has revealed Pumpkin and Jessica’s real father. His name is Michael Anthony Ford and is also a convicted sex offender. Michael Anthony has also been behind bars for sexually exploiting children. Mama June claims that Pumpkin and Jessica have the same father. 

She also said that Jessica’s father has had nothing to do with her over the years. She said that she didn’t need to open that can of worms because it wouldn’t had helped her at all. Mama June knows that people are upset with her for seeing Mark McDaniel and said that it wasn’t like she was seeing him every day. 

She said that she only wants to give closure to her family and now Pumpkin is happy to find out the real identity of her father. ET sat down with Sandra Hale and she believes that now Honey Boo Boo is in danger.

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