YouTube experiments with Ultra HD video playback

YouTube experiments with Ultra HD video playback

6 hand-picked videos can now be viewed in 4k 60 FPS

YouTube is most definitely taking its video game quite seriously and it has also stepped up the quality since the past couple of months. The YouTube platform has come only months from its major announcement of increasing the video quality to an astounding 60 FPS video playback and now it is showing interests in taking this to a whole new level – with 60 FPS video playback on 4K which sounds pretty crazy at all levels.

However, before you all get really excited for this development, keep in mind this is merely going forward on an experimental level and for now only a very limited number of clips have this. This is pretty understandable though since most of the videos on YouTube aren’t really shot on high quality platforms and aren’t meant for such high quality outputs.

In order to shoot these kinds of high quality 4K videos, one would need a camera which supports 4k/60FPS footage and such equipment is seriously expensive and doesn’t fall under the standard cameras. Though there is only a limited number of clips you wouldn’t be disappointed at all because YouTube has done an amazing job with the selection of these videos and they are undoubtedly amazing if your computer can support them.

If you want to enjoy the real quality of these videos, you would need a display which has the capacity to support up to 3840×2160 of resolution. And you would also want to ensure that the rig behind your displays is all set. For instance, a brand new Retina Mac is the perfect output point to enjoy the full intensity of these videos. Even the year old MacBook Air wouldn’t do justice to these wonderful videos. YouTube users are far from getting their videos on this resolution as so far only six videos have been carefully chosen for this very limited experiment.


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