Zayn Malik headed for Bollywood

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Zayn Malik of One Direction is headed for Bollywood while actor, Danny DeVito is to appear in a music video by the group soon.

One of the One Direction boys, Zayn Malik is being cajoled by Bollywood studio magnates to come to Mumbai and record a song for a blockbuster movie or two. Zayn is 21 years old and in the prime of his career. 

He /4/join the ranks of Kylie Minogue and Snoop Doggy Dogg. These stars have earned a whole lot of money via their appearances in Bollywood fare. The bosses in Mumbai want a piece of the action. 

And Zayn /4/earn as much as half a million pounds. He is a Bradford-born and bred youth and he knows what is good for him. Already his group, One Direction, has quite a fan base in the big cities of India. 


one month and one week until FOUR 🙂

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Especially, Zayn has a popularity rating that hits the high notes in many parts of Bollywood. He would be the perfect choice for a new venture in musicology. 

A Bollywood producer Ashwin Varde said, “One Direction has a huge following among the youth, especially in major cities.  Zayn Malik is very well-known in that circle and holds tremendous promise if given the right break in a Bollywood film.

“Bollywood has always welcomed actors from the UK, like Katrina Kaif and Amy Jackson. Zayn appeals to an even younger audience, which is the driving force of Bollywood movies today.”


she be my queen since we were 16…

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Bollywood has invited foreign stars such as Katrina Kaif before. And Zayn could act as well as sing for India’s dream factory. Others such as Kylie, Snoop Dogg and Akon have sung numbers for the films: Blue, Singh is Kinng and Ra One.   

Legendary Bollywood villain, Gulshan Grover, said, “There is definite interest in getting Zayn to star in a Bollywood film or deliver a song. He has a huge fan base in India and would do really well.

“I would be happy to guide him. I’m sure he doesn’t need help with the dance moves but I would be happy to teach him how to fight on-screen.”


the where we are tour ends today! feels like it just started…

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Meanwhile, in One Direction’s new music video, titled “Steal My Girl”, the actor Danny DeVito will have a major role. Danny and One Direction, who together make up a super list of six individuals, spread the news via Twitter. 

Among some of the paraphernalia there were photos of the video being shot on site. The album, of which this song is a part, is due on November 17th and is called “Four”. This is the first time that Hollywood talent has lent a helping hand to One Direction. 

As for DeVito’s Troll Foot Meme, it too made its zillionth debut alongside the group. And there was a chimp on set too. It looks like the boys of One Direction and Danny had a helluva good time together. Now that is male bonding for you!     

Source: Mirror , Billboard

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