Annie Lennox criticizes Beyoncé

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Annie Lennox claimed that recent music was not legendary and was disturbing as well.

The famous and Iconic Scottish singer Annie Lennox is not a big fan of modern music. Annie Lennox who worked alongside Dave Stewart in the band Eurhythmics is very famous in many countries. She criticized the music made by Beyoncé. She said that she was not a feminist but she was actually a feminist lite. 

She did not hold back her views after this statement. She said that in her opinion twerking was not feminism. The 59-year-old singer said that music was a deeper knowledge. She added that the thing we do on stage while performing has a sexual energy in it. It doesn’t make any body empowered. She also said that it was her own view and others could disagree with it if they wanted to.

The new artists of this era like Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna use twerking in their music. All of them use it in their live performances and videos as well. When Annie Lennox was asked by another reporter about the statement, she said that she did not like twerking at all.

She further said that the new singers use their sexuality in public these days. She said that the new pop singers wanted to get famous by showing themselves off instead of showing their talent.

She also shared the fact that most of the times, there are families and kids who come to different concerts. The kids in live concerts belong to a very young age group. So twerking in her opinion was not a good option if the audience included families. 

Annie Lennox said that she liked new singers and liked to know their opinions as well. She said that she had heard Beyoncé call herself a feminist so she had to share her own views with the public too.

This statement made by her has certainly created a debate in the music industry. She knew that her statement was a cause of the debate and said that it was a good thing. Annie Lennox is promoting her upcoming album Nostalgia these days. 

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