Apple Pay is Now Available at 700,000 Locations

Apple Pay is Now Available at 700,000 Locations

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Tim Cook was pleased to announce that Apple Pay has done incredibly well as Apple is preparing to add the Apple Pay feature to its new Apple watch.

Apple Pay has done extremely well under Tim Cook. It has grown at a very fast pace and now just after a few months, it is available at more than 700,000 locations. Apple Pay uses the NFC technology and this feature will be available in the Apple Watch.

Tim Cook confirmed this at an event in San Francisco on Monday. Tim Cook also said (via CNet) that the federal government is a partner and that the people will be able to use this technology in national parks and USA Technologies. So users will be able to use technology at parking meters, laundry machines and even the vending machines.

Now Apple claim that they are working with over 2,500 banks. When the service started in last October, Apple was only working with 6 banks. The numbers show us how committed Apple is to its customers.

Tim Cook also said that Coca Cola vending machines are starting to get Apple Pay. Currently 40,000 vending machines have Apple Pay and Apple is working on making the feature available on 100,000 Coca Cola vending machines by the end of this year.

The Apple Pay was launched last October and the Apple Watch will launch in the upcoming month. So in just a month, users will able to use their watches and pay for items. Places that have a payment terminal, will give access to users to use the watch.

So we can clearly see that Apple isn’t just focusing on the sale of their iPhones. Their phone are absolutely brilliant but the company is trying to take part in every direction. Their two new products, the Apple Watch and the Apple Pay have good potential.

Apple wanted to make Apple Pay so that it could make things easier and securer for the user. Apple Pay will eventually replace the plastic credit cards. So in the future whenever the bill arrives, you wouldn’t need to whip out the credit cards, instead you would be taking out your smartphones and the phone will be talking to the payment terminals and completing the transactions. Apple will also make its new Apple Watch a must buy so that everyone who wants to use the service on the go has one.


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