Apple’s iOS 9 to be bigger and better

Apple’s iOS 9 to be bigger and better

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User experience to be focus

Apple has always been known for their innovative operating systems and products. The company is coming into 2015 as the most wealthiest company in the world and they plan on staying that way. 2015 will see the Apple Watch and the 12 inch MacBook Air and it looks like they will also be releasing a new operating system in the iOS 9. Early word is that the iOS 9 will be veering away from the practice of trying to get more and more apps and functionality out of the operating system and going to a practice of making the system more and more user friendly.

Sources are saying that Apple engineers are working to make the iOS 9 a more stable operating system with a huge focus on eliminating bugs and any kind of errors. Instead of trying to outdo the competition and seeing how much things that they will be able to put on an iPhone, they will be focusing on making sure that the performance of the operating system runs as smoothly as possible and as fast as possible.

iOS 9 will still have a huge selection of apps but the new operating system will allow for those apps to be more manageable and it will work on trying to reduce the trail and footprint of the user. With the Apple Watch and Apple Pay currently running and getting ready to run on the iOS 8 platform, the news of the iOS 9 should certainly come as some good news to eventual consumers and buyers of these products. There has also been some rumors going around that the iOS 9 could be the operating system for the potential iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. There is also a rumor going around that Apple could be coming out with a 4 inch version of the iPhone 6S but there are a lot of folks who are saying that no such a device is the works from Apple.

Source: Forbes


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